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Lifetime Support by two Working German Shepherd TRAINERS!! 

All our dogs are bred to make great family dogs. They are trained in Tracking, OBD & Protection. These dogs are working dogs and have been around kids of all ages. If you are not looking for an older dog we also have litters planned! SEE OUR UPCOMING LITTERS PAGE!


FOR SALE: Lava vom Lytle AD, PPD 
AKA: Stormy
Sire: V Blitz vom Klödener Riß SchH III Kkl 1 ZB V HD a-fast normal (a2) (German Import)
Dam: Wendy von Sandokan SchH IIi FHI(90pts) Kkl 2 9 first place agility titles!!! H/E A-NORMAL (German Import)
They love to bike together, true Friendship!
Bred, Handled, Owned & Trained By Destiny

FOR SALE: Ott Bay vom Lytle PPD

June 19, 2012

OFA: Fair Hips & Normal Elbows

Sire: VERY GOOD 3RD, BREED Dares Lenax-Bo ZVV1 5CXQ/1P, H&E 0/0 ( Stud Dog in Czech)
Dam:VYVEROVY Vuxa Z Dunajova Sadu IPO3 very good, 5CV1/P, hips+elbows 0/0 (NEW Czech Imported female)


You may pay for your pup or dog by using pay pal.  We also accepts credit cards this is a safe and fast way to pay online.
Pay only the amount agreed by ADBT (The Lytle's) and you the buyer. 

We are a Working German Shepherd breeding kennel in Palmer, Ak.
Breeding Goals Production of dogs for service jobs, Family Protection and high level competition sports. Special attention on hard working temperament. Genetically full and crushing bite. High prey, fight and hunt drives. Environmentally sound and structurally healthy breeding stock. We only use bloodlines known to produce top working dogs. Pedigrees full of producers that produce producers Breeding the best working bloodlines from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and Belgium. We use the best breeding stock from throughout the world for Real work.  Excellent for Personal Protection, Police K9, Schutzhund, French Ring, SAR's, Agility, Dual P, Family Dog, Obedience & Tracking.

LOTS OF PHOTOS & VIDEOS OF OUR DOGS WORKING!!    Call or email us now for your new German Shepherd Today. 907-745-4943 or 907-529-4648 or 907-529-5427

SOLD: Ulrik vom Lytle CA

Sire: VYBORNY Ox z Jirkova dvora  ZVV1,IPO3 Kkl 1  
HD a-normal (a1) (Still in Czech/Stud dog for Jinopo)
Dam: Velmi Dobry ARIE z Rexovy ohrady SVVI, Hips 0/0 (Czech Import)

Born July 23rd, 2012
Sire: G Exy Snehulienka NEW IPO2 ( IPO1 93-96-97)HD/ED A NORMAL (Slovak/German Import)
Dam: Hope Lytle vom Klatolklin PPD, OFA Hips/Elbows
@ 1 Year
A $500 USD NON-refundable deposit will hold a reservation from this litter.
Ferebee's price is $1800 & going up with training!

SOLD: - Fassett Glacier vom Lytle

Born July 23rd, 2012

Sire: G Exy Snehulienka NEW IPO2 ( IPO1 93-96-97)HD/ED A NORMAL (Slovak/German Import)
Dam: Hope Lytle vom Klatolklin PPD, OFA Hips/Elbows
@ 1 Year
A $500 USD NON-refundable deposit will hold a reservation from this litter.
Fassett's price is $1800 & going up with training!

SOLD: Fathom vom Lytle
Born: 8-15-2009
Summer 2013
Fall 2011

Fathom is a solid black medium size male, excellent bone along with strong head. He also has correct proportion, compact, agile and loves to work for a toy and food. Hips and elbows are passing with OFA. Fathom's begining training foundation work is in SAR. He also has been started in protection training with very good obedience. Relaxed and calm when not working. He is not social, takes time to warm up to new people. A single person or business looking for a protection dog would be an ideal home for him. Everyone needs a dog like this in their home or car. Don't be the next missing person. He could save your life more then once. He is available to an approved experinced home or someone looking to learn with him. Call or email for more information.

New photos as of Dec. 12.

SOLD - Ella Bay vom Lytle
May 29th, 2012
Hips and Elbows have been X-rayed by our vet and look good!
Sire: HOT Othello Lytle vom Banach BH, SchHIII, PPD, HIT, OFA H/E
Dam: Velmi Dobry ARIE z Rexovy ohrady SVVI, Czech Imported, H/E 0/0
A $500 USD NON-refundable deposit will hold a reservation from this litter.
Ella's price is $2000 & going up with training!

Sire: Kotzebue vom Lytle AKA: Ruger BH, TR1, TR2, OB1, IPO2 OFA:Good Hips & Normal Elbows
Dam: Velmi Dobry ARIE z Rexovy ohrady  SVVI, Czech Imported, H/E 0/0
Gannett's price is $2000

Personal Protections Dog OFA H/E
March 2013
We are looking to place Autumn in a Family home. She is no longer being used in our breeding kennel.
Her price is $800.

BH, PPD, Strong Bitting Female, OFA Hips & Elbows
Handled Owned Trained by Shaun

Czech Imported litter from Norma
Call for his price!

SOLD: Fickett Glacier vom Lytle
Born July 23rd, 2012
Sold to Jim & Mary of Dillingham Ak, Family Comp.
Sire: G Exy Snehulienka NEW IPO2 ( IPO1 93-96-97)HD/ED A NORMAL (Slovak/German Import)
Dam: Hope Lytle vom Klatolklin PPD, OFA Hips/Elbows
Czech Import
Inka was sold to a Family in NC.

Sire: Tom z Pohraniční stráže CZECH POLICE DOG, OP1, ZVV2, ZPS, HD a-normal (a1)

Dam: VELMI DOBRY Yenna Anrebri IPO 2, ZVV 1

We are looking for a retirement home for Inka. She would make a wonderful personal protection dog for a small family. She is good with other dogs and Ok with cats (as long as the cats are not scared of dogs) Inka love's her ball and will retrieve all day long.



SOLD: Wind River vom Lytle

June 1st 2011

Wind has been sold for a service dog in Fairbanks Ak

Wind has a very good personality. She loves to play. She has a hard time keeping all 4 paws on the floor chasing a rag. She would make a great Agility dog, she would also be great for personal protection. Wind has fabulous conformation!!


SOLD: Wrangell vom Lytle

June 1st 2011

Wrangell has been sold to Cris & Dom of Anchorage Ak for IPO, PPD and Family Comp.

Wrangell is a very nice pup. He is Med drive, good hunt drive and loves to play with his rag. This boy needs to be in a very active family or sport home. Wrangell has tremendous working ability. Correct structure, good bone & broad head.

SOLD! Jude Lytle vom Klatolklin OFA Hips/Elbows
Jude is sold to Erik & Family of Fairbanks Ak for Family Protection Dog!

Sire: Axel vom Rolling Acres SchH3, AD, OFA-GOOD

This girl is wonderful with kids and other dogs!! Jude is Med drive and responds quick to commands. Her hips and elbows are already OFA with passing Fair Hips and Normal Elbows. We are looking for an active Family that is able to work with her on her commands everyday. She was handled by our 9 year old cousin.

SOLD: Wales vom Lytle

Wales is now living in Canada with Niomi & Family!

Wales is a very nice pup, he has medium to high drive. He shows natural guide-ability with excellent desire to please the handler. Wales also loves to hunt for his toy and work for food. He would be a great pup for any family with dog knowledge for training and working.


SOLD: Wulik vom Lytle

Wulik has fantastic medium drive and loves to just hang out in the house with his family. He also loves to play with other dogs and works great for food and toys. Very strong bone and good size head with terrific expression. He would make a great family companion and protector.


 Born June 14th, 2011

SOLD: X- Inupiat vom Lytle

Sold to Suzi and Family of Anchorage Ak, for Family!

Inupiat is a black sable with distinctive markings and fantastic pigmentation. He also has a powerful head and strong bone. Very calm and even temperament, with naturally friendly disposition and medium drive. He likes to play with his ball and toys but also settles in the home quick. He would be a perfect family companion or for sport.


SOLD: Jarvis Lytle vom Klatolklin
Jarvis was sold to a Family in Nevada!!
Jarvis is wonderful at tracking, he has great ball drive and loves to swim! He is also great with kids and good with dogs. He gets along with most people as long as they have good energy which makes him a great personal protection dog.
SOLD:   Carina spod Rokosa SVV1 very good, 5CV6,4,4, 1st breeding class,hips+elbows 0/0
(Czech Imported to the US)
 Czech imported female for family protection companion. She needs to be the only dog, she is a very dominate girl.
Koyuk vom Lytle AKA:Vito OFA
Prelims Hips Good & Normal Elbows!
More infomration coming soon!
Sold to Rob for Detection & Schutzhund

RETIRED to a very Good Home in Fairbanks Ak to be a farm dog!
She is doing great at her new home!!



hi shaun and brigitte,
isis is doing very well.  she has deceided that my young lab is an excellent playmate.  mena is 7 months old and loves everyone and everything.  they play well together.
there has been no problems that haven't worked themselves out.
isis thought the ducks were fun to herd.  she tried the calf but hershey has been raised with the dogs and thought isis was just playing a new game. 
then isis tried the horses.  they put up with her trying to move them for a while.  then my older horse, maggie, got tired of having to move her head away from the dog and rolled isis.  she did not hurt isis, just got the message about staying out of their faces.
the horses graze in the yard almost everyday.  they are really good around all the dogs.  we haven't had any other
my labs don't care about being dominant and the little dogs are confident, so they don't care.
isis is eating well, she listens good and seems to like retiring.
i haven't taken alot of pics yet but i posted a couple on my facebook.  i will send them to you this afternoon when i get up.  nightshift this week.
thanks for placing isis with me.  i will keep you informed.
Some of our sold dogs below.
SOLD to active family, SAR, Sport or Family protection home!
SOLD to Darlan of Eagle, Michigan for SAR Training!
OFA: Hips Good /Elbows Grade 1
Do to Chaos's Elbows we are not selling him he is free to Kenna and Family in TX for Personal Protection Dog!

SOLD to Hallie & Daughter Hannah of Wasilla Ak.

To see Jaybird, Cache, Quartz and Ophir in the pack Click here!
AKA: Carly
 Sold to Bonnie of Wasilla, AK.

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