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We whelped our first litter using doTERRA Essential Oil. 6 pups in 2 hours and 9 pups in less then 6 hours. Contact Brigitte Lytle for more information and how to get started. Also we have free classes and I can send you free samples!!

bslytle@mtaonline.net or 907-529-4648




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New Testimonials as of 2015


The Lytles are amazing!  I met Brigitte and Shaun when I was looking for help with my first German Shepherd.  He attacked other dogs and had many close calls on biting people. I couldn't have him public and it was difficult to have people over to our house. I seeked help with other trainers. It did not improve the situation or they would not work with him after meeting him. Someone referred me to the Lytles. I sent the dog to their place for 4 days of training. Afterwards, Shaun asked me to meet him at a birthday party at a park to pick up the dog and wanted me to walk the dog through the party. There were lots of people, kids, and dogs. I thought he was joking and or crazy!  We did it and the dog was completely non reactive to anybody or anything. I couldn't believe it was the same dog, especially in that short of time. They got the dog to a balanced state and most importantly,  through ongoing sessions, taught me about how my pack leadership, energy, and timing affects the state of the dog. They don't just work with the dog, but the whole dog-human relationship. 

Destiny Driving the 5 dog team

Leader: Kobuk Michele's Husky Pup

Swing: Exy (Destiny's Male) And Galena Ananda's dog

Wheel: Chena Michele's Husky and Kenai (Destiny's Feature competition and breeding dog OFA Pending)

   "Destiny helped train our husky pups to pull a sled and has done lots of  great obedience training with us and our whole pack. She's my 5 year old daughters idol :)" 

Galena Lytle vom Klatolklin Previously owned handled and trained By Destiny Lytle. But Destiny Placed Galena in a retirement home with 5 year old handler Ananda who Galena LOVES.

    Brigitte is doing amazing things  transforming health and wellness in dogs in a natural and effective way with essential oils. 

   I have 2 great German Shepherds  that were raised and trained by them. They are the perfect dogs!  They are great with people, dogs, kids, and even cats. Everyone always comments on what a great disposition they have. 

Ananda and Barend Lytle vom Klatolklin SchHIII, BH, TRI, TR2, PPD

   Working with the Lytles has been life changing for me and my dogs. We are able to have a balanced and harmonious pack at home and out on all of our dog adventures!
Michele & Ananda


Are you the pack leader of your HOME, some questions to ask yourself?
Does your dog pay the bills, why is he/she running your house?
You can become the leader of your home today!

1. Is your dog to hyper and just needs something to do?

2. Are you too busy to train you’re dog?

3. Are you worried you’ll build the foundation all WRONG, and prefer us to build it properly for you?

4. Leaving on Vacation, Business Trip?

5. Moving, Remodeling Your Home or Yard?

6. Recovering from a Surgery, Stroke, etc., and need help?

7. Mother to Be?

8. Don't want to leave the privacy of your own home?

9. Just don’t have time?

10. Need protection training for your dog?


NEW Training/Litter Testimonial! 
New as of Feb. 2013

I started training with the Lytle's in November of 2010, when my GSD Taiya started showing a lot of aggression towards other dogs. Taiya was being trained in Search and Rescue, and this was a major obstacle to her becoming an Operational SAR dog. With weekly individual trainings with Shaun and Brigitte, Taiya made great progress in both her obedience and tolerance of other dogs. We were so encouraged by this that we started training with the Hundesport Alaska Schutzhund Club in both obedience and tracking. (Dogs trained in bite work are not allowed in the SAR group I belong to, so we do not do protection training).

As a result of continued help and support from Brigitte and Shaun, Taiya earned her BH this past summer, and we attempted an OB1 and TR1 in September. While we didn't make either of those, we were close, and will try again next year. We are now also going to begin Taiya's RH training, which she should be more than ready for. Best of all, Taiya is now an Operational SAR dog in Cadaver! Hard to believe that just 2 years ago, I imagined I might have to retire her, or even put her down. Thank You Brigitte and Shaun!


Worthy's Lady Taiya CGC, BH, TD & certified Cadaver (HRD) dog with Alaska Search and Rescue Dogs

New as of Feb. 2013

My name is Scott Vadeboncoeur, I am a member of Massachusetts Rescue and Recovery K-9 Unit, as well as Rhode Island Canine Search and Rescue. When I decided to get involved in search and rescue I decided I wanted to work with German Shepherd's. Working with hunting dogs in the past it is a bit of a change. After washing out two German Shepherd’s from other breeders made it discouraging. Then I found Brigitte and Shaun Lytle owner \ operators of Alaska Dog Boarding & Training. There was this little 13 week old pup that caught my eye her name is Glacier vom Lytle. Living in Massachusetts I was not sure how this little girl would make the flight. When I arrived at the airport and went to pick her up I found this little puppy running around the pick up area like she was there for ever. Once the paper work was done I placed a leash on her and walked her thru the air port and I was surprised how confident she was. This pup has exceptionally great nerve strength \ insane drive \ and the most lovable German Shepherd one could own. By the age of 4.5 months my son would hide in thick cover and Glacier would go out and search for him with great confidence and dedication. Glacier will be starting air scenting certification and I am sure she will do great as well as we are hoping to certify her in light disaster thru IPWDA.

Well I didn’t have a dog for human remains detection skeptical about local breeders I contacted Brigitte and Shaun once again. Ungilik River vom Lytle came into my life this beautiful dark sable puppy \ 8 weeks old she just stole my heart. When she was six months old I had a accident and had 2 surgeries on my hand. Both my dogs sat in a kennel for the most part of six months. Once I recovered it was like there training never stopped. don’t get me wrong it took some time and dedication to achieve our goals. Uni is on her way for her certification in Human Remains detection and I so proud of her achievements. I have learned a lot from these two loving girls and can’t thank Brigitte and Shaun enough, not only for two wonderful partners but also for the great friendship we have established. Any question I have had they were always willing to help and take the time to work with me. Being at the other end of the world geographically, they didn’t have to give me the time of day (the dogs were paid for) LOL. Brigitte and Shaun I would like to thank you both once again for the wonderful breeding program you have and the dedication you have to the German Shepherd dog. I will highly recommend vom Lytle German Shepherd's to everyone.

Attached are a few pictures of my Girls



New as of Dec. 2012

Lynx vom Lytle – Ironhide BH, UR02, CGN, HIT

Wales vom Lytle – Gladiator CGN, HIT

I have purchased two dogs from Brigitte and Shaun, both from two different lines, 2 years apart and both are EVERYTHING I asked for and more!

I purchased Ironhide (Lynx vom Lytle) from Brigitte and Shaun almost 3 years ago. From the very first time I spoke with Brigitte I knew that this was the kennel I would be getting my new puppy from. Everything was reaffirmed when I drove to Alaska to meet the whole Lytle family and pick up my new pup. Brigitte and Shaun (as well as their kids) were SO welcoming and took the time to show me both the sire and dam, and the imprinting that they had started with my puppy, as well as answering all my questions. I left there with the most amazing puppy I have ever known, who has now grown into the most amazing dog I have ever know and is my best friend, working partner and protector.

Over the next couple of years my friend and I travelled over to Alaska to train with Brigitte and Shaun, and even compete with their club in IPO. Ironhide and I earned our BH title, June of 2010 in Alaska! Every time we have made the trip over Brigitte and Shaun have taken time out of their very busy schedule to train with us, help us advance our dogs and through this we have developed a friendship. They always find time for us each day that we are there, to come out and give us dedicated training time. My friend, who I travel with, does not even have a dog from their kennel, and yet every time we are there they help her with her dog, as if she were one of their own. They are so full of knowledge and extremely open about sharing it with people who appreciate them and the work they do. They are always helping people get their dogs to be their absolute best! Their dedication to their clients, their dogs and their sport is undeniable and I am so grateful to have met them.

So of course, when the time came to get a second working dog, there was no thought as to where I should look. I once again travelled over to pick up my new boy, Gladiator (Wales vom Lytle).

In the summer of 2012, my friend and I, once again travelled over for 10 days just to train with Brigitte and Shaun as well as the members of Hundesport. Brigitte had also invited us to a seminar they were hosting, with a trainer up from California. Brigitte and her mom, Kathy, met us our first morning there and brought us out to a herding trial. We had never been before, and we were very excited to give it a try. Ironhide and Gladiator both earned their Herding Instinct Test certificate that day, and Gladiator wowed the evaluator with his extremely balanced style and very natural ability for the work. Over the next ten days we spent countless hours with Brigitte and Shaun (club members too) trading knowledge and working together to advance our dogs. The club members greeted us like family, and not only do they train together, they have fun together! The seminar was AMAZING, and when we left Alaska, we were thoroughly tired and full of new skills!

Over the last few years, I have definitely come to call Brigitte and Shaun friends. I always keep in touch, and I plan to visit every year. On top of breeding incredible dogs, and being very skilled trainers, they are amazing people who welcomed me into their home, and their sport!

Miss you guys!

Niomi Smith

Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

Faust Lytle vom Klatolklin Patrol & Explosives Detection K9

I am the current handler of “Faust” (or Faust Lytle Vom Klatolklin).  We have completed all phases of both Patrol and Explosives Detection training and have been a team for the BNSF Railway Police based at Birmingham, AL since early, 2009. So far, our travels have included assignments in Arizona, California and Chicago.

I located your websites and noted the relation to Faust and would appreciate any information you can provide on him (where was he born – is he from Alaska?, other “famous” or service relatives, other interesting facts).

I know that he was bought from a club in Southern California and I was given a CD with photos and videos of him growing up and training but know nothing else about him.

He is my second K-9 partner (and probably the best) and you would be very proud of his work. 

We continue to train daily on something – obedience, tracking, explosives detection, etc. and he is at top performance! He is very eager to please and has the best temperament of any working dog I have seen.  

I have included a photo of us taken in Bakersfield, CA last October during the last part of our formal training.

I thank you for your assistance! Please feel free to contact me by e-mail or phone.

Bryan & Faust

p.s. Bryan It was great talking to you! Thanks for all the updates on Faust!! The Lytle's


PAUL is a board member of
 Great Work to Paul and Bri!!!
Congratulations to all our pups for their new titles in 2012.
Big Congrats to Steve & his Father David in NY for competing at the 2012 WUSV with Glory vom Lytle IPO3.
Super proud of you all!
 Glory vom Lytle

The Lytle's have started training for new titles in AKC!
We will have more updates after the new year!
All of our dogs are very natural runners with great gaits and endurance. Our GSD's are running great together as a team.
More coming soon!
See below other fun things we do with our dogs.
Fun winter sport for our Lytle Family!

The kids enjoying a run with the dogs after school.

Destiny Lytle with her dogs.

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