The Lytle Kids: Destiny & Shaun Michael
These two have become great little trainers.
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Brigitte Lytle



Brigitte was born in Big Lake, Alaska in 1980. She had a strong love and bond with dogs as a very small child, being raised by the family Doberman Sadie, who she turned into a sled dog at the age of 4. At the age of 8 Brigitte had her own competitive 3 dog-Jr. sprint team. Brigitte continued with racing sprint sled dogs through her Jr. Racing years through the age of 17. Winning the majority of championship races, and being high in points for the racing season each year in her class. Brigitte was an accomplished dog & sled handler at a very young age, running double sled behind open class championship teams and handling world class winning teams for sled dog racers from Alaska, Canada, & Minnesota. Brigitte received special permission to move ahead to race in higher classes than what her age permitted by race marshals and requests from adult sled dog drivers in her area, due to exceptional ability to handle a dog team. During this time Brigitte met her husband and competitor in the sport Shaun Lytle. Shaun and his family had a long history in Alaska of racing sled dogs – Shaun’s mother Kathy also competes in other dog events such as AKC confirmation shows and obedience trails. Shaun began racing sled dogs at the age of 2. While growing up in Alaska he also raced sprint sled dogs on into adulthood. He was a Jr. Board member for Alaska Jr. Sled Dog Racing Association, and handled for adult drivers, trained and operated kennels for professional teams.

When they became engaged in 1998 they had nearly 30 years of combined competitive dog handling between them. Other than each other, their love of life was their 2 German Shepherd Dogs. Brigitte received her 1st German shepherd as a gift from her father at the age of 13. She trained this dog to herd and raise her husky puppies, to watch over and protect the kennel, and to hold down loose dogs so that they could be caught.

Shaun’s dog Thor became the first dog Brigitte titled for a BH in the sport of Schutzhund when she was 19 yrs old. Thor is a German shepherd that Shaun had rescued. He was very sharp and dog aggressive. Brigitte was told by experienced schutzhund handlers in their club that the dog would never title and that she should just get a new dog. Thor is retired now, but is still trained, handled and loved by their 5-year-old daughter Destiny. Thor is also used for the neutral dog, and helps in training for the schutzhund BH dogs.

Brigitte & Shaun became members of Hundesport Alaska in 1999, a sanctioned club of the United Schutzhund Clubs of America. Brigitte is one of the founding members of the Great Northern Rottweiler Club of Alaska, a sanctioned club of the United States Rottweiler Club. She has served as a Board member for both of these clubs and is the current Training Director for Hundesport Alaska.

Shaun is an accomplished helper and tracklayer. Between them both they have owned, raised, trained and titled many breeds in the sport of schutzhund (Dobermans, Rottweilers, Malinois, American Bull Dogs, etc.). Brigitte & Shaun’s current focus is breeding, training, titling of strong, sound German Shepherds for working homes. Building an indoor – outdoor kennel & training facility for working breeds, and private obedience training.

Brigitte & Othello At 7 weeks.

Autumn working with Dad!!
Also our son in training to become a helper like Dad.

Shaun Lytle


Shaun was born in Anchorage Alaska in 1978. His family was very much involved with ASDRA (Alaska Sled Dog Racing Association) Shaun raced his first race in the 1 dog class at the age of 2, with his family’s dog an Gordon Setter named Rusty. Shaun was raised with his family owning, training, racing sled dogs. He took on an active role in his Jr. Racing association and served on the Board of Directors in all aspects, he remained active in trail preparation, sled and team handling, on into adulthood. In 1996 he participated as a Jr. Olympian in the Artic Winter Games in Chugiak Alaska in the 6 & 7 dog racing class. Shaun has received multiple awards while being a Jr. Sled dog racer, nearly always winning the Sportsmanship Award.

As soon as Shaun got his driver’s license, he worked as a kennel manager, trainer, and handler for professional teams. Dogs, trucks and equipment valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars were entrusted to his care as a teenager, to transport, train, handle and race all over the State of Alaska.

While dating Brigitte, Shaun was introduced to Schutzhund in 1999. Since that time Shaun has trained with United Schutzhund Clubs of America Teaching, National Helper-National Track layer Mark Chaffin. Giving Shaun a strong foundation in helper work and schutzhund tracking. Shaun has since progressed in his training helper- trial helper work, and has laid multiple tracks in schutzhund trails. Shaun is looking forward to receiving his USCA Helpers certificate under Mark Chaffin in the summer of 2006, a new training program provided by USCA.

Shaun was given the opportunity to work with an adult GSD who had under gone a negative training experience, and refused to continue to work. With Shaun’s patience and dedication and positive motivation he was able to get the dog to progress to obtaining a Sch H1, and Sch H II titles, he also received an award for High in Tracking score. Shaun purchased his first GSD to work as a puppy in the sport of schutzhund in 2000. Shaun went on to title his GSD “Austin‘s Courage Pronounced“ Sch H1, Sch H A, AD, BH (Handler, Owner, Trainer) HOT , High in Obedience. Shaun is now working with his 2 female GSD puppies that he and Brigitte breed from “Austin” for future breeding and training purposes.

Shaun & Brigitte have been entrepreneurs since they married in June 1999. Together they have made a life and business doing what they love working together as a family and business partners with their dogs, and sharing their knowledge and skills to benefit other dog owners and trainers.


Shaun and Greta ScH II, AD, BH, TC, CGC(retired)
Working for there SchII.

Shaun & Greta Sch II, AD, BH, TC, CGC(retired)

Shaun Racing Rusty in the One dog.

Brigitte Finished her Schooling with an average Grade of 94.

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