Friends we have helped out in the past & some we are still working with. Also puppy owners from our past litters!

New as of Feb. 2013 (Training)

I started training with the Lytle's in November of 2010, when my GSD Taiya started showing a lot of aggression towards other dogs. Taiya was being trained in Search and Rescue, and this was a major obstacle to her becoming an Operational SAR dog. With weekly individual trainings with Shaun and Brigitte, Taiya made great progress in both her obedience and tolerance of other dogs. We were so encouraged by this that we started training with the Hundesport Alaska Schutzhund Club in both obedience and tracking. (Dogs trained in bite work are not allowed in the SAR group I belong to, so we do not do protection training).

As a result of continued help and support from Brigitte and Shaun, Taiya earned her BH this past summer, and we attempted an OB1 and TR1 in September. While we didn't make either of those, we were close, and will try again next year. We are now also going to begin Taiya's RH training, which she should be more than ready for. Best of all, Taiya is now an Operational SAR dog in Cadaver! Hard to believe that just 2 years ago, I imagined I might have to retire her, or even put her down. Thank You Brigitte and Shaun!

Worthy's Lady Taiya CGC, BH, TD & certified Cadaver (HRD) dog with Alaska Search and Rescue Dogs

New as of Feb. 2013

My name is Scott Vadeboncoeur, I am a member of Massachusetts Rescue and Recovery K-9 Unit, as well as Rhode Island Canine Search and Rescue. When I decided to get involved in search and rescue I decided I wanted to work with German Shepherd's. Working with hunting dogs in the past it is a bit of a change. After washing out two German Shepherd’s from other breeders made it discouraging. Then I found Brigitte and Shaun Lytle owner \ operators of Alaska Dog Boarding & Training. There was this little 13 week old pup that caught my eye her name is Glacier vom Lytle. Living in Massachusetts I was not sure how this little girl would make the flight. When I arrived at the airport and went to pick her up I found this little puppy running around the pick up area like she was there for ever. Once the paper work was done I placed a leash on her and walked her thru the air port and I was surprised how confident she was. This pup has exceptionally great nerve strength \ insane drive \ and the most lovable German Shepherd one could own. By the age of 4.5 months my son would hide in thick cover and Glacier would go out and search for him with great confidence and dedication. Glacier will be starting air scenting certification and I am sure she will do great as well as we are hoping to certify her in light disaster thru IPWDA.

Well I didn’t have a dog for human remains detection skeptical about local breeders I contacted Brigitte and Shaun once again. Ungilik River vom Lytle came into my life this beautiful dark sable puppy \ 8 weeks old she just stole my heart. When she was six months old I had a accident and had 2 surgeries on my hand. Both my dogs sat in a kennel for the most part of six months. Once I recovered it was like there training never stopped. don’t get me wrong it took some time and dedication to achieve our goals. Uni is on her way for her certification in Human Remains detection and I so proud of her achievements. I have learned a lot from these two loving girls and can’t thank Brigitte and Shaun enough, not only for two wonderful partners but also for the great friendship we have established. Any question I have had they were always willing to help and take the time to work with me. Being at the other end of the world geographically, they didn’t have to give me the time of day (the dogs were paid for) LOL. Brigitte and Shaun I would like to thank you both once again for the wonderful breeding program you have and the dedication you have to the German Shepherd dog. I will highly recommend vom Lytle German Shepherd's to everyone.

Attached are a few pictures of my Girls


New as of Dec. 2012

Lynx vom Lytle – Ironhide BH, UR02, CGN, HIT

Wales vom Lytle – Gladiator CGN, HIT

I have purchased two dogs from Brigitte and Shaun, both from two different lines, 2 years apart and both are EVERYTHING I asked for and more!

I purchased Ironhide (Lynx vom Lytle) from Brigitte and Shaun almost 3 years ago. From the very first time I spoke with Brigitte I knew that this was the kennel I would be getting my new puppy from. Everything was reaffirmed when I drove to Alaska to meet the whole Lytle family and pick up my new pup. Brigitte and Shaun (as well as their kids) were SO welcoming and took the time to show me both the sire and dam, and the imprinting that they had started with my puppy, as well as answering all my questions. I left there with the most amazing puppy I have ever known, who has now grown into the most amazing dog I have ever know and is my best friend, working partner and protector.

Over the next couple of years my friend and I travelled over to Alaska to train with Brigitte and Shaun, and even compete with their club in IPO. Ironhide and I earned our BH title, June of 2010 in Alaska! Every time we have made the trip over Brigitte and Shaun have taken time out of their very busy schedule to train with us, help us advance our dogs and through this we have developed a friendship. They always find time for us each day that we are there, to come out and give us dedicated training time. My friend, who I travel with, does not even have a dog from their kennel, and yet every time we are there they help her with her dog, as if she were one of their own. They are so full of knowledge and extremely open about sharing it with people who appreciate them and the work they do. They are always helping people get their dogs to be their absolute best! Their dedication to their clients, their dogs and their sport is undeniable and I am so grateful to have met them.

So of course, when the time came to get a second working dog, there was no thought as to where I should look. I once again travelled over to pick up my new boy, Gladiator (Wales vom Lytle).

In the summer of 2012, my friend and I, once again travelled over for 10 days just to train with Brigitte and Shaun as well as the members of Hundesport. Brigitte had also invited us to a seminar they were hosting, with a trainer up from California. Brigitte and her mom, Kathy, met us our first morning there and brought us out to a herding trial. We had never been before, and we were very excited to give it a try. Ironhide and Gladiator both earned their Herding Instinct Test certificate that day, and Gladiator wowed the evaluator with his extremely balanced style and very natural ability for the work. Over the next ten days we spent countless hours with Brigitte and Shaun (club members too) trading knowledge and working together to advance our dogs. The club members greeted us like family, and not only do they train together, they have fun together! The seminar was AMAZING, and when we left Alaska, we were thoroughly tired and full of new skills!

Over the last few years, I have definitely come to call Brigitte and Shaun friends. I always keep in touch, and I plan to visit every year. On top of breeding incredible dogs, and being very skilled trainers, they are amazing people who welcomed me into their home, and their sport!

Miss you guys!

Niomi Smith

Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada



NEW as of Nov. 2012

Exit Glacier vom Lytle AKA: Loki


Hey Shaun and Brigitte and family! I'm sure you remember each litter you have whelped, but today is a special day for us because it's the 6 month birthday of the little green boy from E litter. I wanted to share some photos to show you how well he is doing, and how happy he is in his home!

He is such a beautiful, intelligent and well-behaved dog that we
routinely get compliments from strangers. All are very impressed at his size and behavior, and when we tell them he is only 6 months old, they are stunned! He really is a great boy.

His many activities include spending time outside on his line, herding the cat around the kitchen, taking naps in his crate...on the couch...under the Christmas tree...and in the chair! He loves walking on the treadmill in the garage, and really enjoys our hikes in the woods too. He was absolutely hilarious the first time it snowed! We go to the beach regularly, and he enjoys fetching his blue ball and running in the surf. Afterwards, we go home to get a bath, which I don't think he loves, but he is still and quiet like a good boy.

He has found his place in our family and we are looking forward to Christmas time! Thank you for everything, and I hope you have a great holiday season!

~Chris, Irene, Zeus (the cat), and Loki


NEW as of July 2012
Ekko (Isis x Austin pup) & Quillian Lytle vom Klatolklin AKA: Forsberg

Sold to Sonja, Rob & Boys of Palmer AK For Personal Protection!

Brigitte,  My brother and his family left yesterday. We had a wonderful visit, and the dogs were great! We took them camping and fishing most of the week. The dogs had a blast and were so well behaved. My brother's fear of German shepherds may be cured, at least with ours!

New as of June 20, 2012

Quek Lytle vom Klatolklin AKA: Zeus

Sold - Male - Tom & Family - Tok, AK - Active Family/PPD

Hey Guys

I hope you guys are doing well. Just wanted to let you know Zeus is doing great and though you might want a photo of him

Tom Ervin


New as of April 2012

  Congratulations Kathy & Jadski Lytle vom Klatolklin SchH2 AKA: Harley

Sold to Kathy of VA for Family Protection & SchH Work.

New as of April 2012
Fern vom Lytle AKA: Olive
SOLD to Pete & Family of Nikiski, Ak for Family companion/Therapy dog/Agility
Good Morning Shaun and Brigitte- Just thought I would send an updated photo of Olive (Fern) out on the ski trails with me. She is doing great!

She's a wonderful family dog, has a great a temperament and loves playing with our two small children.

Hope all is well with you all!



New as of Sept. 8th 2010

Lynx vom Lytle AKA: Ironhide

Sold to Niomi of Whitehorse for working dog!

Hey Brigitte,  How is everything going with you guys? We are all good and the weather has been a little rainy but not too cold yet so I am ok with a little rain. Here are some pictures from our Labour Day Weekend. We went out to Sundog Retreat. We rented a cabin for the weekend and did nothing but hike with the dogs and relax. It was so nice and we all had a really great time.

Ironhide is doing so well. Her OB is so flashy and she is smart as a whip and so easy to teach. Right now we aren't teaching an OB 1 class as there were not enough dogs, so she trains with OB 2 and Intermediate OB dogs and she keeps up SO well I just can't believe it sometimes that she isn't even 9 months old yet. She is SUPER high drive and her bitework is amazing. Her bark is so powerful that our helper even made a few comments about how strong of a dog she is. We are going to be starting more helper work coming up so I will try and get some video to show you how she is doing.

I went down to Vancouver for a weekend and Erika watched her for me. She said she could not believe the stamina and power of this dog, even when all the other dogs were done because they were so tired, she was more than ready to go for more.

I am planning on coming back to Palmer next year to do her BH and possibly her ScH 1. We do have a trial here every year, so if I do her BH there and the timing adds up (age wise) then I can do the ScH 1 here. Otherwise, I will do it a little later in the year at one of your club trials. I may also bring my Leonberger to get her hips, eyes and heart done in Anchorage. I have a friend that uses a vet there and she says he is amazing.

Anyways, talk to you soon! And say "Hi" to the family for me!



New as of August 14th, 2010

Kivalina vom Lytle AKA: Anabelle

Sold to Raj & Maggie  of Anchorage Ak for family comp dog.

Brigitte, Shaun, Annabelle has been doing very well. We've been keeping up the training as Shaun had advised, and it's really paying off. She's always been a good girl, but she's now also becoming more manageable and less excitable. We recently took her camping to Fairbanks, where she was very well behaved in the car as well as at the campsite.

Thanks, Maggie


New as of July 17th 2010

Nikiski vom Lytle AKA: Nikki

Sold to Lisa & Family of Eagle River. AK for Family Protection Dog

Hello - Nikki is doing great - Cian loves her (we all do!) and she has a great personality - She is a great snuggler and they were doing some light tug of war today. 

She was great kenneled last night, a little homesick but we put the kennel in Cian's room and put one of Cian's blanket's in with her and covered the kennel so it was darker and she went right to sleep.   She has been good about letting us know when she needs to go outside.  As she gets older, we won't kennel her at night and she will sleep in Cian's room.  
We were a little concerned she was limping yesterday evening and seemed to be favoring her rear left leg - but she seems better today.  We haven't been letting her climb the stairs and have been careful about picking her up and setting her down from the couch and not letting her jump on her own and making sure that Cian holds her properly. 

We can tell she is going to be a fabulous family addition.  Looking forward to the obedience classes.  I suspect we will have tons of photos of her in the next few weeks.

Thanks so much!!!


NEW as of June 26th, 2010

Fairweather vom Lytle AKA: Porthos

Sold to Melissa Of Lusby, MD For Personal Protection Dogs
Hi Brigitte & Shaun!  Hope your family is enjoying the summer as we are down here. I tried to get a good picture of Porthos (aka Port) stacked but you know how it goes on the first try LOL.
 Any ways he is doing fantastic. He is doing really well in obedience and he is in the beginning phases of protection. Paul has been doing the bulk of his training (I've been through 2 GSD start to finish so its his turn!) and he has come along way as well. He has become very much his dad's dog to the point he even goes on emergency response calls with Paul.
Dakota is doing fantastic too.  I kept going back and forth about having her spayed or not so I finally just had the hernia repaired without the spay; she weighed in at an even 70lbs for the surgery. Her trainers down here have expressed interest in possibly having a puppy from her to keep for their drug & explosive detection work they do. She is so good at everything she does and none of their females even come close to her abilities. :) (Yup, I love the ego boost from that). So we'll see if that happens or not as I still need to have her elbows certified.
I hope you enjoy the pictures. Kota won't leave my hand on my mouse any long so we are going to go for a long walk so she can tire in the heat ....... I can't wait to get her back to training as she is incredibly bored with a TON of energy and I love it.
Take care.


NEW as of April 14th, 2010

Fairweather vom Lytle AKA: Porthos & Quintino Lytle vom Klatolklin AKA: Dakota

Sold to Melissa Of Lusby, MD For Personal Protection Dogs

Hi Brigitte!  Here is a picture that one of the trainer's wives took this past saturday. Its not a working picture but does show Kota and Port off nicely.
I hope eveything is well. Take care!  Melissa


New as of April 12th, 2010

Dora Bay vom Lytle AKA: Zhora

Sold to Donna of Omemee Ontario, Ca for Schutzhund.

Hi Brigitte and Shaun,
     Here are some updates of Zhora, mmmm, she has a big mouth!!  She is doing great. Donna


New as of March 28th, 2010

Lynx vom Lytle AKA: Ironhide

Sold to Niomi of Whitehorse for working dog!

Hi Brigitte,  Here are some pictures of Ironhide from today. She is a really great puppy, very active, social and of course Vocal! She has been doing really great with the whole family, especially Gage. He really loves her and anytime I bring her somewhere he MUST be informed first. He needs to know where she is going, when she will be back etc. It is really cute! She is doing really good at the puppy class and has mastered the "in", "through" (between legs and even tunnels!), "Ul" (sit), she is working on down, heel position and some games like weaving between legs and spins. She is being trained in Hungarian so at first she had to figure out what the hell I was talking about. But once she did there was no stopping her. I LOVE her drive! It's calm and focused and she can go for days if I let her! I don't think I have ever gone out to work her and had her be too tired!

            So the pictures are in our yard, the white husky is Lokeij(loki), the dark husky with the grey face is Xoe (Zoe), and the Leonberger is Coija. They are all playing frisbee and were very tolerant of the little one stealing their toy!
Talk to you later, Niomi



New as of Feb. 2010

Eureka vom Lytle AKA: Humphrey

Owned by Rachel & Dan of Homer, AK.

Hi Brigitte and Shaun,   Just wanted to update you on Humphrey.  He's doing very well and we love him!  We went through obedience classes with him last month, and he did well working with us.  He learns very quickly!  While Dan was away on his last patrol, I taught him "shake" just for fun; I practiced it with him for a few minutes over a couple days and he had it.  We're definitely going to do agility classes with him, possibly this summer.  During the last obedience class, the dogs were introduced to the tunnel and a very low jump, and Humphrey was quick to do each thing.  

We had him fixed, and he came through the surgery well.  He is very friendly and gets along well with people and other dogs.  We're so pleased with him and are enjoying watching him grow, mature, and learn.  He loves fetch and he has been good on our walks around the neighborhood.  He has been a wonderful addition to our lives and he is a great companion to me when Dan is underway.  

Hope things are well with you and your family,

Rachel & Dan


NEW As of Feb. 2010

Isanotski vom Lytle AKA: Lucian

Owned by Greg and Family of Kodiak, Ak.

Hello Shaun and Brigitte,  just wanted to say hello and let you know how much we enjoy Lucian, He is a great dog. Every time I take him out for a walk I get so many compliments, and wanting to know where I got him from. I am sure you will probably getting some more inquiries from Kodiak. He is doing good with his basic training, nothing with search and rescue yet, don’t want to work him too hard. He enjoys playing in the backyard and saying hello to other dogs. He especially likes it when he goes with us to pick up our son Mason at the elementary school, all the kids want to pet him and he loves it.  

Thanks Again for a great dog!


New as of Feb. 2010
Glacier Sold to Scott of Massachusetts rescue and recovery k-9 team!
Hi Lytle's
    The Glacier up date is awsome. We have been socializing her and working her on her sar work and everyone that sees her work loves her. Glacier is such a confident dog that I truely enjoy working with her. Glacier starts her formal sar wilderness work in the beginning of March and I can't wait. I will try to get a few pics of her this week and send them to you see is beautiful. Hope all is well on your end and thankyou for such a wonderful  pup.
Thanks   Scott
New as of Jan. 6th, 2010
Gambell vom Lytle AKA: Alfie
@ 4 Months
Sold to Lupe of Wa for PPD, Sport & Breeding
This is a picture of Gambel aka Alfie @ 40 lbs, lean mean  machine
He is such a sweet heart, although if some one he does not know looks into his crate he does growl. If Lupe is with them then he is cool.
Brigitte & Shaun you have done an excellent job on raising smart and beautiful German Shepherds. We have three from you and they are so smart and beautiful. I love working these dogs.
Thank you so much
NEW as of Jan. 2nd, 2010
Faust Lytle vom Klatolklin Patrol & Explosives Detection K9

I am the current handler of “Faust” (or Faust Lytle Vom Klatolklin).  We have completed all phases of both Patrol and Explosives Detection training and have been a team for the BNSF Railway Police based at Birmingham, AL since early, 2009. So far, our travels have included assignments in Arizona, California and Chicago.

I located your websites and noted the relation to Faust and would appreciate any information you can provide on him (where was he born – is he from Alaska?, other “famous” or service relatives, other interesting facts).

I know that he was bought from a club in Southern California and I was given a CD with photos and videos of him growing up and training but know nothing else about him.

He is my second K-9 partner (and probably the best) and you would be very proud of his work. 

We continue to train daily on something – obedience, tracking, explosives detection, etc. and he is at top performance! He is very eager to please and has the best temperament of any working dog I have seen.  

I have included a photo of us taken in Bakersfield, CA last October during the last part of our formal training.

I thank you for your assistance! Please feel free to contact me by e-mail or phone.

Bryan & Faust

p.s. Bryan It was great talking to you! Thanks for all the updates on Faust!! The Lytle's


New as of Dec. 31, 2009
PPD OFA Hips&Elbows
Zeppe Daughter!
Shaun and Brigitte,
      Hope you enjoy these pictures of McKinley.
Our trainer close to us is a wash out. Did you get my email about training ? If not will call you beginning of January. Can we spay her before she is paid for?  Have more pics just learning how to send. We will send a family one shortly. She is excellent with the chickens and ducks and would play with the goat if the goat was willing. Did very well with Jack corgi this last week...they left at noon and Mckinley appeared to miss him for a bit even had to go out to check if he was really gone. They played hard. I have been working with her and using distractions.We walk at least a mile everyday at a brisk pace. She has a carry pack and I put a small soft weight in each side. She is doing very well. The last few weeks are really the first I have had any real time to concentrate on her. She is free in the house at night and is great. Does well with the bird who has learned to say eh-eh.
 Will send more pics soon. Get back to me on the spaying as soon as you can . She is probably mid-way between heats which I heard is optimal time to do the surgery. 
     Have a great New Year.
       Jack and Ann 
New as of Dec. 30, 2009
Here are some recent photos of Kenja. We took her out target shooting with us. We were going to leave her in the car but decided to keep her on the leash and see what she would do. She didn't flench but instead was very interested in where the noise was coming from. I meant to ask you last time I wrote. What is the weight of her parents? I'm curious as to how big she is going to get. She is about 70 pounds right now. I wouldn't mind her getting bigger but If I remember correctly thats about what her mom is??

New as of Dec. 09
Glacier Sold to Scott of Massachusetts rescue and recovery k-9 team!
Shaun & Brigitte
    I applaud you both, what a wonderful Job you had done with Glaciers imprinting. Well let me tell you a story since she has arrived Glacier has rearranged every pair of shoes in the house, removed 2 (PLASTIC) balls off the x-mas tree, almost knocked tree down, dragged a 3' tall stuffer bear and Christmas tree across the floor and has been a wonderful pup. Attached is a couple pics I took today.
Thank you both for making this a wonderful experience.

NEW as of Dec. 9th 2009 
SOLD - Jenny & Family - Sitka Ak - Family Protection Dog/Tracking

Hi guys,
Here's a picture from the trail the other day.  Got the puppy packet, looks great.  Bella is doing wonderful.  Sometimes to smart for her own good, but not being my first shepherd I knew what I was getting into:) .  Marker training is going great, watch me is intense, very social, I just can't say enough good things about this pup.  I could problaly do anything I wanted with her.  Thanks again for such a great girl. 
NEW as of Dec. 6th 2009 
Training in SAR's
Hi Brigitte. Troy has duty tonight so we went to hang out with him. I love taking Fathom to the hanger as there are so many training oportunities. Noise, smells, people, action, agility, places to hide, etc. We used to take Mac and Sekiu, our first SAR dogs, there and there was nothing they wouldn't do, they had great agility, and were afraid of nothing. Anyway... tonight the SAR alarm went off for the Coast Guard. It is very loud and high pitched. It startled Fathom so he jumped, tried to run and then barked at it. When it went off again, I used the treats to distract him and reassure him, which seemed to work. It was over before I could really know. But he was calm and fine after that. Then it was time for the helicopter to start up. I knew it would be a perfect time to see how he did with that and to get him conditioned to it. The Coast Guard transports us by helo to SAR scenes quite often so it is important for a SAR dog to be able to hot-load into the helo without freaking out. Anyway, we stood at the open door not too far from it and when they started up, he got very curious and whatched with interest. Then when the rotor blades started turning, he actually tried going out to the helo with playfulness, as if the rotors were something to chase. For being such a young and inexperienced pup, he had an excellent reaction. Of course, I was thrilled.
Here are a few pictures of him from today. There is one where you can see the helo. The blades are turning and it was very loud, but you can see Fathom didn't care at all. In fact, he started smelling around and found potato chip crumbs on the floor and ate them. No fear or nervousness at all.
He is such a quick learner and is becoming quite a gentleman. He knows to sit at the door before going through it and waits for the okay before he does. He knows to sit at a distance to wait for his food. he is learning to be easy when you give him a treat, but he is having a little more trouble learning that one! But he is getting it. He is also learning to respect the kids as his alpha. It took training thekids to get that turned around, but now when he shows any kind of alpha towards them, they instantly scold him and he backs down right away. There are fewer and fewer incidents now.
One thing our other SAR dogs would do is pay attetntion to what we were wearing - if we even started pulling the fleece pants out of the closet they went insane with excitement because it meant "time to work!" Well, guess who is starting to figure that out now?! I was changing yesterday for a search call out. It was cold and even though I do Command Staff  inside at the SAR base, I decided to wear my fleece. He was as usual at my side and smelled my fleece pants as I was putting them one and started getting all wound up. I felt bad that he didn't get to work/play, but that will come!!
Well, have a nice week. The weather is supposed to be nice for a few more days so I might try to get out and work him so I can get some pictures. We'll see. Talk to you soon. Jennifer
NEW as of Nov. 24 2009

Bethel vom Lytle AKA: Onyx

JANELLE & FAMILY - ANCH, AK - Family Protection Dog

Photo taken in Jun of 2009
Here are some updated pictures of her. just thought you'd like some!  I'll send more I have some on my camera but I have to get them off. She's doing wonderful. To be honest, she's the best dog I've ever owned. I watched Marley and me the other day and started balling, part because its sad, but part because it made me thing of when onyx gets older and well you know. omg tore me apart. She's getting fixed on the 23 of December and I'm doing her papers to ship her that day as well. I'll make sure and keep in touch with you guys when we leave. when your in Washington I'd love to get together if our schedules allow. even if you want to come and see her you are more than welcome. I'd even bring her out there if you wanted I just need a heads up because it's getting kind of crazy with moving companies and the holidays. Hope you guys have a wonderful holiday and thank you for allowing onyx into our home, my kids love her so much as do I. I couldn't imagine my life with out her. she is truly my 3rd child. thank you for her she means so much to us. especially now when times are hard she's truly be the shoulder I've cried on. thank you. Janell
New as of Nov. 23rd 2009
Syren owned by Michelle of Eagle River Ak. New Members of Hundesport Alaska SchH Club.
OK, I promise not to get all mushy.....but I wanted to elaborate more on why I brought the flowers today. Being Thanksgiving week, I felt the need to show how truely thankful I am to have met both you and Shaun. You guys are great people with great values. I'm thankful that I found breeders that are breeding to improve the GSD, a dog I have loved since childhood yet was afraid to own due to the overwhelming number of them being pushed into society with bad temperments. You guys have been nothing but honest and welcoming since I have met you and I appreciate you answering all my endless questions and putting my mind at ease when I was torn on what to do. You both put so much thought and work into the puppies, and I want you to know how much I appreciate you both and all the work you do. I'm EXTREMELY thankful to you for giving me such an awesome pup. I had so many expectations for this little guy before he even came home, and he has exceded all of them within a week! It is a huge relief to know that I have you both to guide me with him to bring him to his full potential, the support you have provided me so far is priceless and I didn't want another day to go by without you knowing how much I appreciate it. I know what its like having your own business and trying to juggle it with having a family and its not easy. Most people don't understand and probably don't appreciate how much you make yourself available just because of your love of the breed.....but I do and very thankful!
So, I hope you enjoy the flowers and smile everytime you look at them......because you guys have made me smile everytime I see my boy Syren!
Thanks again!
Michelle and Family!!
Training in SAR's
Hi there! I tried to get some pictures today of me working Fathom and these were the only ones that turned out! We got big fluffy snow today and every picture had a big flake in the way! So I will try again next weekend. He is doing real well, but I really need to get him out there around people more - he is getting to be quite protective and wants to defend us against everyone. So I am going to go to the airport and other places with lots of people to get him to be okay with strangers. Since I was gone for those three weeks and Troy had his hands full with running the house while I was gone, he hasn't had much socializing time. Time to get this turned around!!
I am just thrilled with how he is turning out though. As long as we can get him to be friendly instead of protective! But he has such a perfect temperment and personality and he is also beautiful! I'm thinking we have ourselves a looker here!
Well, I will get some more pics when I work him next weekend (hopefully!) Talk to you soon. Jennifer 
Hello Brigitte and Shaun- Fern (Olive) is doing great!  Here are a few photos of her around the yard and house!  Looks like Kenai Kennel Club will be offering the puppy kindergarten starting on 19NOV- so I hopefully can get over to some classes.
Also, requested a book from the library of an overview of Schutzhund training.  After watching you guys with the dogs, I am kind of interested in the training.
Hope all is well with you guys, the family and the dogs!
AKA: Kodi Cert. Narc K9
(Ema Son)

Kodi passed all his certifications. He is now an official narcotics dog for MAC PD is short for McMinnville Police Department, in McMinnville, Oregon.

I will send you the article in the local newspaper once it is published should be in a couple of weeks.


 Lemeta Lytle vom Klatolklin

AKA: Khaos Therapy K9

(Zeppe Daughter)

Khaos is loved by soldiers because most of her commands are military commands. And she is not the typical lay in your lap therapy dog rather she is interactive. She was with a soldier who had lost his leg the other night and she patiently waited while he took off his prosthetic. When he was done she went over and climbed on his lap and was totally unphased by his injuries. She heeled by his wheelchair and ran over to visit another soldier in his wheelchair put her front paws on the arm of the chair till he invited her to his lap then smothered him in kisses. The Oregon Soldier at Walter reed was all about yuck dog hair but kept inviting her to come over.

NEW AS OF Oct. 2009
Cooper vom Lytle
(Isis & Zeppe Son)
I just wanted to say thank you so much for caring! I really was feeling like I was not doing right by Cooper, and was even thinking I may not be right for him. I felt better after tonight, so when we got home I tried something that I tried when he was little, but he was too uncoordinated--I stuffed my cheeks with hot dogs, gave him the watch me command and when he looked at me, I spit the hot dog out...HE CAUGHT IT! So when he figured out the treats were going to come out of my mouth, he was completely fixated on my face. Then we went to the living room to practice heal. When he got into the heal position on his own, I spit the hot dog out...from that point on we went in circles in the living room. The whole time we did this, he stayed in heal, without a leash, and NEVER took his eyes off my face!!! I can't tell you how excited I am! I really just needed some validation that I can train him. :-)
I feel like we need to do something for you guys for helping us with the training? Oh, Jared said that if you guys need a truck until you get yours fixed he has a temperamental, durable Ford truck. The only time he really uses it is when he takes the four wheelers out. Let us know if you are interested, and we can take it out to you tomorrow. You guys are the best!
Lena Lytle vom Badaxx BH
 (Zeppe's Daughter)
Shaun and Brigitte,    This is long overdue, but I want to share my experience after two years as a new Schutzhund owner/handler for other prospective customers to consider.  Although I don’t live that far from you compared to many of your customers, the path to you, due to my approach and inexperience, was long and challenging.  The support we received from you even before purchasing Lena was nothing short of incredible.  And, you took the extra steps and time not seen from past breeders to ensure my past mistakes were not repeated, and to match us with a remarkable GSD.  Lena is perfect for our family and possesses strong natural ability with the different aspects of Schutzhund.  Her natural ability is a huge benefit to new handlers such as myself, and makes the time and energy invested in training so much more rewarding.  As you know, Lena and I continue to participate in our local Hundesport club where we both learn and refine the methods necessary to achieve our Schutzhund titles. 
 I have owned great GSD’s in the past but none that can begin to match the combined qualities of Lena.  She is so gentle and playful with the kids, extremely vigilant and alert, and possesses incredible natural ability in Schutzhund skills.  I am excited to learn the sport and grateful for the training, support and dedication you both contribute to helping us learn Schutzhund.  Above all, thank you for selecting such a great dog for myself and my family.  She is perfect. 

 Sincerely,  Kurt Hermes

Luna Lytle vom Klatolklin SchHI
(Zeppe's Daughter)

here's picture of lutak with SV Judge/ spokes man of SV/ Vice President of SV Heiko Christian Grube

(I also judge at 2007 WDA national which i was competed too)

FOr High SchH 1/ High Obedience / High in Trial

Weather was pretty bad. 25mph gusting wind with rain the whole time.

Critique was very high drive, high potential, high level dog.

thanks guys.

also let me know how's puppies out of zeppe and dynamite are doing

best regards, steve hong

Tetlin Lytle vom Klatolklin BH

Hey Guys,
Well we made it. On Sunday, Oct 18th Turbo received his BH. If I wouldn't have been so busy counting my steps in the healing pattern I would have remembered to give Turbo his commands properly and we would have done better. Just goes to show that the handler loses more points then the dog. Turbo should have been walking me. Now I know how Bridgette feels.
Turbo is doing very well in both obedience and his defensive work. He is now 16 months old and is hanging right at 75 pounds. My last dog was 25 pounds heavier and the difference is amazing. Turbo is so much faster and athletic. With his size and speed I  think we are going to work him in French Ring so next will be the Brevet. That will have to wait till spring as winter and wet are on us but I'll let you know how his training is going.
You guys have as good a winter as you can.

 New as of August 26, 2009

Quintino Lytle vom Klatolklin

AKA: Dakota

SOLD To Melissa From Arlington, VA for OBD & Personal Protection Dog.

Hello again :)  After much consideration I wanted to see if deposits for F Litter boys have been filled. I am really impressed with Dakota and am ready to add another addition to our group. I would like a male that is a nicely balance dog like Dakota; not over the top but enjoys working and has a 'switch' when its relaxing time.
I tell everyone where I got Dakota from without hesitation. I can't wait to add a third to the family.
Take care.   Melissa
New as of August 2009!
Hi Shaun & Brigitte - I wanted to let you know that Dakota is doing well. She finished obedience training a long time ago with a breeze; she is extremely flashy with it. We are still working through protection training as she is in the tactical portion of it now. We will be moving into off leash protection in the next couple of months. She does fantastic at protection training. Nothing phases this girl and she always has a clear head. We also are working on narcotics training and she is doing well at that. She isn't as motivated with this training so she lets her attention wander from time to time.
I ran Dakota through a mock gang attack with the trainers and she did fantastic. This was a group even and Dakota took down the last aggressor after a long distance run and grabbing the base of the neck area of bite suit plowing the trainer forward into the ground. She loves to run low and jump high at the 'bad guys' and she is not sleeve driven. She would actually perfer to bit other areas than the arm but the trainers are enjoying it as she is a good challenge for them.
Looks like she is going to cap out at about 70lbs as she is currently 68lbs and still broadening; which is a fantastic size. She has been extremely healthy with nothing more than routine vet visits; she still has her umbilical hernia but this has not effected her at all. I took her in to have her hips certified with Pennhip so we can see where she is. I received her results today and she is at LDI=.36 RDI=.40 and is in the 50th percentile; I have attached a scanned copy for you. I was hoping for a better percentile but she was a perfect angel during the vet visit and they enjoyed her.
I saw the sledding pictures of Quincy and he is turning out nice. I hope you and your family are well.
Take care. Melissa
New As of August 2009

Quigley Lytle vom Klatolklin


SOLD to  Neil, Shirley & Boys of Virginia for SchH Sport & Family Protection Dog.

We are not members of the club at present.  We are still networking and socializing folks to us and the dog. 
We will definately put a BH and likely a Schh 1 on Asco..simply to do it because we know that he (and shirley) can.  Shirley is getting serious on the formal OB and we are starting to see good results.   Beyond that we'll see if Shirley wants to devote the time to do more.  Our primary reason for having the dog is not Schh.  His primary purpose is to protect the family and I need to make sure that he has the training to effectively do that. I do not want a sport dog that works in prey only or only on the Schh field. 
 Right now it seems that we have found a helper that can effectively work the dog and understands our intent.   Again. Asco has a loooong way to go, but the initial indicators are positive... and naturally he remains a member of the family and a buddy to my kids.
Will try and get new pictures on Sunday.. but here are a couple more of him at 14 months  that you may not have.
I don't know what the others are seeing in their dogs from this litter, but I can't help to think you're getting many good reports.  We don't hesitate to tell people where we got Asco!
As promised, a couple of pictures from this Sunday.
The Alexandria (VA) Schutzhund Group has been gracious enough to let us train with them.  Ms. Peggy O'Callahan, a club member and dog trainer for over 30 years has begun to work with us and Asco on obedience and tracking. Mr. Marty Segretto, a club member and USA National Level and DVG certified Helper is doing wonders for Asco's development. Marty is pictured working the dog.  Asco continues to exhibit a good grip, full-bites, and a pronounced degree of seriousness in his bite work. 
All the best,
Neil and Shirley
New As of July 23, 2009
AKA: Justice
Sold to Kelly, Scott & Family of Wasilla Ak for PPD
Little miss Diomede is doing great! The kids have added a middle name, Justice, because it was tough for the two year old to say Diomede.  She is adjusting wonderfully and Duke (our Rottweiler) absolutely loves her and has adopted her as his own! We couldn't have asked for a better transition.
I've attached some photos.

New as of July 22nd, 2009

AKA: Kenja
Sold to Alanna & Family of Kenai, AK for Family Protection Dog
Hi Shaun and Brigitte-
I just wanted to e-mail you guys and update you on our wonderful pup. We named her Kenja and it seems to fit her personality perfectly. She is proving to be very smart and continues to impress us every day. She loves water. She's mastered the sit command, she is fetching balls and toys, she is close to learning the speak command, and she is turning into a wonderful guard dog. She has even made friends with the kitty cat (finally). She is full of energy and a very independent little girl. We have had her around as many animals and people as possible since we picked her up. She's been around cats, big dogs, little dogs, cockatiels, toddlers, etc. The only one she was a little shy about was a horse that walked by our house :) I can't tell you how proud of her I was when we were walking around the neighborhood one night. We passed by a house with a pack of dogs that are known to be aggressive towards people and other dogs. The ring leader came out, growling and showing teeth. Kenja very rarely barks at other dogs. This was the very first time I had ever heard her bark in a protective manner. She positioned herself in a stance and started barking at he dog. It was a very serious bark. That dog knew she meant business. As we started walking off, I kept my eye on the dog as I told Kenja how proud of her I was. 
 I am simply amazed by Kenja's color also. It's changed a lot since we picked her up. I almost thought she was getting lighter but recently she has gotten a lot darker. I love it! I can't take her anywhere without someone admiring her. I've told a TON of people about you and your dogs and what a great person you were to correspond with. We went up to Hatcher's Pass this weekend and Kenja had a blast on the trails. She even got to see snow for the first time.
Thanks again for everything. I'm going to attach some pictures as recent as July 18th. I always have my camera with me so I can snap some cute picts of her. The picts are of her at Hatcher's Pass last weekend, her on the couch (bad I know :P) hanging out with dad, our friend's sun playing with her at Skilak Lake (she was about 12 weeks then) , and of Kenja sleeping on my mom's dog Wiley while I was dogysitting him. I'll have plenty more to send you i'm sure.
Alanna and family.
Photos at around 12 wks.

New as of July 1st, 2009
Sold to Evie and Jared of Anchorage, Ak for a Service Dog

Just a cool picture of our handsome boy!  He was resting on Jared's arm while driving around town.  We are so in love with him...he is mischief, but he is quickly learning his place in our pack.  :-)  Thank you for always taking the time to answer questions and spend time with us.
Evie and Jared


New Jan. 19, 2009  

Lutak Lytle vom Klatolklin BH

AKA: Luna

SOLD To Steve a Working Home in New York!!

Hello Shaun & Brigitte,  Happy new year. here is video on lutak. just taped yesterday. we train in the gym during the winter time. for some reason i only happened to send you video of indoor. when the times comes i will tape one outside. and i also included picture of her. She is doing very well, by the end of this year she will have schH3.

Best Regards,  Steve

New as of Jan. 30th, 2009 

Ursus Lytle vom Klatolklin

AKA; Fisher

Fisher is owned by Miranda and Fmaily of Sitka, AK for Family PPD.

More little notes from the family: Click here!

Sorry I have taken so long to get new pictures.  Fisher was at the vet this week and he is 60lbs.  Not over weight just a big boy.  He also is getting lots of teeth.  He lost 3 on the floor in one day.  That was the day he found his love of novels.  It is no longer readable. He is so smart that he pulled it out of the book shelf and had a good chew.  That will teach me.

We love him!
Thanks Miranda

New as of Jan. 23rd, 2009

AKA: Adra

SOLD To Sandy & Family of Tok, AK for a Family Protection Dog.

Hope all is well with you and your family.  Went to your website the other day and it looked great.  Adra is doing great.  She has been surviving the cold and loves to play in the snow.  We love her very much.
The B Family

What a lucky little girl.. That's a big bone!!


New as of Jan. 19, 2009

Lutak Lytle vom Klatolklin

AKA: Luna

SOLD To Steve a Working Home in New York!!

Hello Shaun & Brigitte,  Happy new year. here is video on lutak. just taped yesterday. we train in the gym during the winter time. for some reason i only happened to send you video of indoor. when the times comes i will tape one outside. and i also included picture of her. She is doing very well, by the end of this year she will have schH3.

Best Regards,  Steve

Sold to Hallie & Daughter Hannah of Wasilla AK for Family Protection Dog. 

New as of Jan. 2009
Definitely! I LOVE him and so does Hannah. It has been a little tough on him because the weather hasn't been the greatest for walking every day but I do it whenever I can.
My friend's (Jordan Mahoney) Fiancé  says she trains with you in the summer. SO now I am excited to have someone to go with me!
quartz learns really fast, but he has become a bit protective (although I guess that is normal) when people come over he won't lay down, has to sit either right in front of me or in front of the door. Anyway I will send you some photos when I get home. Hannah and Sandy could not be happier!
New as of Nov. 24th 2008

AKA: Klara

SOLD to Amanda & Josh of Anchorage Ak for Family Protection.

Brigitte- We are SO satisfied by Klara already! She's done great so far today. Josh if very happy with her. I want to say many thanks to you and your husband for raising beautiful puppies! We will see you soon, as Josh's leave starts on the 19th. Thanks again!!! Also wanted to ask, for the training will you be doing that here in Anchorage or there in Palmer? Josh wants to know.

Amanda, Josh, Easton, Kasper and Klara
Update Nov. 24th 2008



Ty is doing good.  He is growing so fast!!  He went to the vet last week and weighs 45.5 pounds already.  He is probably about 50 lbs now.  We have just started doing some bite work with him and his obedience is good. He is very stubborn but does great when he is focused.  I have sent a couple pictures.  When I get a chance I will send a video of him on the bite pillow.  He loves people and wants to say hi to everyone.


New as November 19th, 2008
Cert. Narc K9 Only 10 ˝ Months!!
AKA: Apollo

 Jaime Of TX Handler/Owner/Trainer of Apollo

Hey Shaun, sorry that I haven't kept in touch been very busy with K-9 work...Here are some photos of Apollo... the k-9 used. There are more pictures and videos on the way now that I have more time... Contact me by phone or e-mail if u have any questions. Thank you, Sgt. K-9 Jaime

Shaun,  It was nice hearing from you again.  Like I promised I will be sending more pictures of Apollo also include the nacartoics that he was certified (marijuana, cocaine, meth, heroine, and exctasy pills)
I am very interested in a male pup sable with lots of hunt drive just like Apollo.  Keep me posted and let me know what you think of a possible litter.  Jaime
New as November 16th, 2008

AKA Atia

Owned by George & Family Of PA, for PPD, Dual Purpose K9, SchH

New as November 16th, 2008

Tetlin Lytle vom Klatolklin

AKA: Turbo

Tetlin was sold to Mitch & Desira of WA.   

For Home Protection/Sport dog.

Here are some new pictures of Turbo at about 5 months. Turbo is coming along very nicely. He has just finished his basic obedience in which he past his final tests off leash without food rewards. In reality he is way past basic commands in what he knows. Turbo is not only showing that he is very intelligent dog but also shows a incredible amount of drive and courage for a dog his age. The only thing holding us back now is his age as I don't want to start any strong corrections until his is at least 6 months old. Until then I will just keep imprinting what he knows and lengthening his tracks which I am already putting corners in.
His trainer has had other clients observe while I am working Turbo to show them what a good working prospect should look like and has recommended your kennel to several people including local LE.
Turbos food and prey drive are crazy. His favorite reward is being able to hit the sleeve after training. He has a good full bite on the puppy sleeve and hit the sleeve on a bite coat the first time he ever saw it.
In short, everyone who has seen Turbo working is impressed and this includes handlers and trainers who have been working with dogs for twenty years and more. Turbos primary training will be in protection and tracking but I almost feel obligated in titling him as everyone wants to see how far he can go.
Thanks again for what is shaping up to be a great dog.
New as November 16th, 2008

Sutton Lytle vom Klatolklin AKA: Lewis


Hi There,  I’m just back from a short snow machine ride around Diamond Lake with Lewis. Your program to breed athletic dogs sure has succeeded! He’s strong and agile and willing.  Last night he and I were looking out the open bedroom window. Just to see what he’d do, I told him to jump out. Without hesitation, up and out he went. Don’t worry, it’s not real high off the ground and there was nothing sharp he could hurt himself on. 

Once a week he and I are going to class at Better Companion. It’s quite a bit closer than you guys and, in the winter, that’s important to me. This week she set up a 10’ agility tunnel. Man, did he love that. If he had a really good trainer---like you two---he could learn just about anything. He is still very much a puppy and full of mischief, but is an affectionate, funny guy. 

I don’t have any recent pictures, but will take and send some. The one I’ve attached is from the boat trip we took him on in PW Sound in August. He was great---boarded and unloaded calmly, sat quietly in the dinghy, learned to use the poop deck on command, stayed close on shore, etc. At first I was hesitant to take him, but found he actually made the trip more enjoyable. 

I hope you two and the kids are well and enjoying life. Lewis certainly has added some liveliness to ours! I guess you can tell we’re happy with him.

Sincerely, Mary

New as November 2008
SOLD to Carolyn of Ky owner of 
New Nov. 5th, 2008
Hello, just wanted to share pictures I took of Seldovia today! She's a beauty! Sincerely, Carolyn & Ben (And Seldovia!)

Email on 10/15/2008
Hello, she is doing great, we love her. She's sure getting big! I will take you some pics soon. And yes I got the puppy papers/packet, and must say I was quite impressed with your pup packet. It was full of helpful and interesting information.  That's a nice little thing to do for your puppy buyers! Thanks alot for such a smart and beautiful puppy. Sincerely, Carolyn & Ben (And Seldovia!)

New as November 2008

Lemeta Lytle vom Klatolklin

CGC,Therapy Assistance Dog @ 14 Months

SGT Khaos

Owned by Alicia of OR.

Khaos received her Therapy Assistance Certificate on 1 November 2008.  She had to go through extensive testing to accomplish this and was one of the youngest dogs the organization has certified.  She first had to pass her Canine Good Citizen and the very next day went to the manual portion of the exam.  This tested how she would behave in a room full of dogs and people and not allowed to interact while we went through the “people part” of the course.  The next weekend she went through a test to gauge her reaction to people she may interact with at hospitals.  Two days later she went to the Salem Rehab Center and did a hands on test.  She was great with the patients and wanted to love everyone, even though she was wired and wanted to play with the other dogs going through testing.  We have been working off leash for a month now in a local park next to where I work.  Everyone asks if she is a military dog because I am always working her in uniform – so my answer is both yes and no.  My plan is to start her in competition Obedience once I find a local group to work with.   Alicia

New as September 23rd, 2008

Quigley Lytle vom Klatolklin


Owned by  Neil, Shirley & Boys of Virginia for SchH Sport & Family Protection Dog.

Hi! Another update.  Back to the trainers today.  We're working with Wes Jensen of Arrowwood Shepherds of Woodbine, MD.  That's Wes in the photos.
Asco had a great time. He likes to track, but he LOVES to bite.  We are not focusing on the out at this time because we don't in any way want to discourage his bite, but Shirley outted him on command while he was on the sleeve just to prove that he'd do it.
We are working towards 1min of  uninterrupted eye contact with our obedience work. We practice sit and down-stays with distractions with regularity and are working on heeling.  Already he is shaping up to be a great companion dog.  Took him to two youth football games and he was great. Still has puppy moments, but he's no problem at all being amongst all the kids on bicycles, throwing footballs, running around etc..  
We've not tracked him this past week but he is now regularly downing on the scent articles without command.  We regularly place them on the floor in the house without him looking and whenever he sees one he'll down with it right between his paws waiting for a treat!  If he sees you throw one down, he'll positively belly-flop onto the floor after it.
Hope to have some videos to you shortly.
Neil and Shirley

New as September 21st, 2008

Tanana Lytle vom Klatolklin

AKA Bella

Watch out for these girls!!


Hi.  How are things going?  Bella is doing great.  I can't believe how smart she is.  I still don't have a digital camera but my parents let me borrow their camcorder.  She's doing great in obedience.  I still need some bite videos.  She excels in anything I throw at her.  Here's some videos of her.
You'll notice my parents dog barking at her from her crate when she walks near her.  It doesn't even faze her.
Their dog is at it again in this one too.
This is her doing article indication.  I started working on it separate from tracking and that's what she is doing in this video.  She knows what to do when she finds it in the track now.  I don't have a video of her on an actual track though because I was filming this one by myself by propping the camera on a chair, but maybe I'll get one soon.  She even lies down when she doesn't see it.  I tried burying it a little and she still found it.  I tried putting it up on the couch and she nudged it with her nose, sat down and looked at me.  When I didn't do anything she barked at it then hopped on the couch and lied down.]
I'm having so much fun with her, and she seems to be having fun too.  I couldn't have asked for a better dog and I have never in my life met a dog that was so smart.  I can't thank you enough for her.  Hope things are going good on your end.

New as of Sepetember 14th, 2008

AKA: Dakota

SOLD To Melissa From Arlington, VA for OBD & Personal Protection Dog.

Hi there! Hope everything is well with your family.
I just wanted to give you a quick update on Dakota. She is doing fantastic in every way. She is growing nice and evenly without issues, not sure how much she ways as we haven't had a need for a vet :). She still has a slight umbilical hernia but I plan on having that fixed when she goes for pennhip at a year old, it has not gotten any bigger or cause any problems.
We started protection training this past saturday. Dakota and one other bitch (I do believe the other bitch is around a year old) were having their first day saturday. The trainers had us with 2 other slightly started dogs. The trainer started the aggitation work going down the line of 4 dogs. Dakota sat next to me looking as if to say 'what is that command for?' until one of the slightly started dogs barked once. You could just see the idea click in Dakota's head, it was great. She sat next to me and let out a couple of barks then wandered out to the end of the leash to bark at the trainer. The trainer got to Dakota and she was wagging her tail and barking, she actually went to grab him. The other just beginning bitch was extremely unsure of herself so when the trainer got to her Dakota lunged at him and pushed him off from her. I was thoroughly impressed with her confidence and understanding, but then again I've always call her my 'super-puppy'. The training just smiled at her and then we outed. They did one more short round with the group and Dakota behaved just the same going out to the end of the leash without pulling to reach the trainer.
She is going to be a lot of fun as her confidence level is so much more than my other shepherd, it will be a fun change of pace. There is also a SAR group one town over from me that I think I will look into come the new year. I need to let this semester of master classes finish up before starting that.
I'll have to get more pictures of her for you soon! Take care.
New as of September 13th, 2008

Joly Lytle vom Klatolklin

 AKA Liska



Seward Lytle vom Klatolklin AKA Saxon


VIDEO #1        VIDEO#2

 Liska & Saxon is owned and working in Canada with Jackie for SAR/Schutzhund!
Liska is 14 months in these pics and Saxon is 4 months. You can see how dirty Saxon is and how he decided to wipe himself off. Sure impressed I will send more of training both dogs when I get some.



New as of August 11th, 2008
Just a quick note to tell you that Saxon is doing good with his puppy searching. He's so cute running (bouncing) to find Rose or I hidden with his toy. He's got great prey & hunt drives. You should see him going nuts when he is held back while I run away. I can't wait to check out his footing on the rubble pile but that won't be for a long time yet. I can only check him at the very bottom soon. I don't expect any problems. Liska is doing great as well. I am so happy with them both. Everyone loves them both. Liska's drives are so extreme now.
I will get some pics and videos soon.
New as of September 9th, 2008

Mountain Lytle vom Klatolklin AKA Jinx

Owned by Dennis and Family of Sitka Ak.

Mountain AKA Jinx is doing great.  She is growing into a wonderful dog and is very smart  with a exceptional food drive.  She is a great member of the family.  Here are a few picture of her as she has grown.  Thank you for such a wonderful dog.

Dennis and family 


New as of August 11th, 2008

AKA: Harley

Sold to Kathy of VA for Family & SchH Work. 

Bitework video at around 7 months.

Hi Shaun and Brigette,

Here are a few pictures of Harley heeling.  He has been doing great.  Kathy

New as of July 23rd, 2008

Hi Shaun and Brigitte,  I am sending some pictures of Harley AKA Jadski doing some protection work.  It's hard to believe he is one year old.  He is doing super in tracking and we are working hard in obedience.  I will keep you posted as to how we are doing.  I just love my dog.  One question when do I get his hips x-rayed?  Hope to hear from you soon.  Kathy


New as of July 8th, 2007
aka: Hawk
Photos of Hawk coming soon!
aka: Phoenix
aka: Heidi
"I have received 3 puppies from Shaun and Brigitte at Lytle's K9  and have found them to be extremely helpful. They truly care about the puppies they raise and the dogs in their care. All 3 of the puppies I have ("H" litter, "L" litter, and "Q" litter) have come with the drives we expected them to have. Hawk "Healy Lytle vom Klatolklin" came out of the crate at the airport at 8 weeks of age and immediately started playing tug with the towel I had to clean him with, and hasn't stopped tugging with a full, hard, and extremely calm grip ever since. Phoenix "Larsen Lytle vom Klatolklin" has quickly become my heart and soul dog. He loves everybody and has an excellent temperament, I love that I can take him anywhere with me. His grip is very full and VERY calm, excellent. Heidi "Quandary Lytle vom Klatolklin" from the Q litter is co-owned with a friend of mine and is showing excellent drives, and a fantastic grip for her age. Everybody who has seen all of these dogs work have been impressed. All 3 are progressing quite well as sport/schutzhund dogs, as well as excellent family companions. They have a little bit of a serious side to them, while still maintaining their temperament.  I have been extremely impressed with the help Shaun and Brigitte have given us, and with the quality of the socialization they give to their puppies! These guys come out willing to take on the world, and I'm impressed that it didn't take too long for Shaun and Brigitte to figure out exactly what we'd like and they've sent us just want we asked for. All 3 of these pups were by Zeppe out of different females, Zeppe had been my first competition dog so originally I wanted these puppies for sentimental reasons but I'm seeing many of the best of Zeppe's traits in his progeny, and Shaun and Brigitte are experts at bringing out the best in all the puppies they raise. Again, I highly recommend and will continue to recommend them to anybody looking for a quality GSD."  

New as of June 22nd, 2008 

Kenai Lytle vom Klatolklin

Owned by Lawrence and Family in Florida. 




New as of June 15, 2008

Huslia Lytle vom Klatolklin aka: Hemi &

Owned by Family in Fairbanks, Alaska!
HI guys,  I just had to share the news with you. Hemi (H litter) and Dakota (P litter) are doing very well with training. BOTH dogs walk well on the leash, ignore barking and loose dogs, and mind my girls. I was astounded. I know they are smart and easily trainable but the change in one week has been remarkable. Hemi and Dakota are ball chasing fools. We bought a ball on the cord as you showed us at your home. We use it only during training. When they see us get it out they sit by the door and wait for us. As you can see by the pictures, there is peace and harmony now as both dogs get worked equally so there is no jealousy. A working GSD is certainly a happier dog all around. As you said calm leadership goes a long way as does consistancy. I really appreciated the tips you gave me and pointing out I wasn't really giving them a chance--over correcting. Now I expect their quick response and they give it.
Thanks again for the great dogs.
My girls love them!

New As of June 12th, 2008

AKA: Liska

 Liska is working in Canada for SAR/Schutzhund!

Hi Brigitte & Shawn; Here are some pics & a video of Liska 's 2nd time on the rubble pile. First time was great as well but I forgot to get someone to tape it. These were taken yesterday. She is 11 months old now. I asked for an environmentally sound pup and that's exactly what I got. The dogs have to bark and play with their toy on the pile (they have to be comfortable doing it) and as you can see, she is comfortable up there.    Jackie


New as of May 28th, 2008

Owned by Christine, John & Family in LA for Personal Protection, Breeding and Sport!

Dear Brigitte & Shaun,    I just wanted to say that I am completely impressed with the breed you produced.  Orca automatically fit in with our family.  Orca is beautiful, energetic, loving, smart, playful, and she is very protective of me and my family.  Orca was trained better than I could ever have imagined, you guys have a special gift with these dogs.  I hope that the new pup is just as great as Orca, but with you guys working with the new pup I really have no doubts at all.  Also, I just wanted to say that you have both been great resources for us and John and I really appreciate all of your advice, knowledge, and kindness.  Thanks again!
Sincerely, Christine & John

New as of May 12, 2008
AKA: Atia
SOLD to George & Family Of PA for PPD, Dual Purpose K9, Sport

New as of May 1, 2008
Owned by Barbara of NJ.  Working in Schutzhund!
Handled by Danielle
Just an update on Evo. [Eyak] He's doing wonderful and he has become an amazing part of my life. We've just recently attended a Schutzhund Club and had our first formal training day, we're starting on the learning experience together. He was AWESOME and a big hit amongst the other members. His drive is fantastic and he had a blast. We picked up tons of information and techniques, and we're especially enjoying our morning tracking sessions.
  His personality is great; so in tuned to me, serious when he has to be, but for the most part a total goofball! He's fantastic with my 4 year old sister, and she makes absolutely sure to remind me when she'll be home from school so we can take our walk with Evo. He gets along very very well with our other dogs also, he and my golden have become the best of friends.

   I could not have asked for a better dog, he is fantastic! We'll keep the pictures and hellos coming!

 .:. Danielle .:.

New As of April 26th, 2008

Kulik Lytle vom Klatolklin


My wife Lynn and I had been looking for a GSD for some time.  I have always loved the GSD breed with all of their wonderful traits. We had been looking online in the lower 48 where we had been in contact with several breeders.  We had been considering purchasing a GSD and having it flown up to Alaska, but honestly I felt that the breeders were more concerned about turning a dollar than the actual GSD.  We finally came across Brigitte and Shaun Lytle owners of Alaska Dog Boarding and Training.  We started communicating via email, and I was so completely impressed with their prompt reply and concern.  They let us know they had a GSD named “Kulik” available and invited us to come and see this little fellow. We made the drive to Palmer, met Brigitte and Shaun and I have to say that we were so impressed that they were more concerned about their GSDs than making the “sale”.  Lynn and I fell in love with Kulik at first meeting and of course he went home with us soon after.  Kulik is truly one of the most beautiful GSD I have ever seen, and has proven himself to be the smartest dog I have ever worked with.   He is an adored member of our family, and every day he surprises us even more with how smart he is and his eagerness to learn.  He has quickly become my shadow, he is always by my side and is always wanting to please.  He was a natural when it came to the leash with his walks and he was easily house trained always letting  us know when he has to “go”.  Lynn has never been around a GSD and it seems each day she remarks to me about how smart he is and how impressed she is with him, actually I think they both have become very attached to each other.   Getting Kulik was one of the best decisions we have ever made and haven’t regretted it for a moment.   He has picked up on his OBD very quickly and always wants to learn more and I hope in the future to advance his training with the help of Brigitte and Shaun.   For anyone considering a GSD I would without a doubt recommend Shaun and Brigitte Lytle.  Their knowledge, care, and concern are equally as amazing as their GSDs!  Thank you Shaun and Brigitte for everything you have done, we love our “Kulik”!

Jim & Lynn Williams

New As of April 26th, 2008

Passage Lytle vom Klatolklin

AKA: Tazlina

I bet you get pictures all the time but I thought Id send you one anyways, this is Tazlina now 4 months.  Shes going to be a big girl I believe, shes losing all the puppy fur and her adult coat is looking beautiful (of course Im biased)  

I have so much fun with training her because she is sooo smart and so willing and eager to learn.  She knows all her basic obedience and I swear she gets bored with it now,  Ive taught dogs some basic protective training in the past and when we start on that training every day, she perks up way more than with the obedience. Its as if she says, yea I know how to sit and all that stuff, can we do something more challenging now?  Shes a natural and shes very loving too, we love her.

Thanks again,  Debbie Dowell


New As of April 25th, 2008

Quintino Lytle vom Klatolklin

AKA: Dakota

Owned by Melissa From Arlington, VA for OBD & Personal Protection Dog.

Hi!  Hope all is well. I wanted to give you a couple of updated pictures of the baby girl. Dakota is such a great puppy. She's letting me sleep through the night (99% of the time) and is becoming Riley's best friend.  After visiting family she has been nicknamed the 'Super Puppy'. She will attempt anything whether it is jumping off the stairs over the babygate (I ended up catching her so she wouldn't land on the hard floor 3 feet below), attempting to take a bone from my father's male shepherd, or taking on the cats to show who's incharge (she caught my mother's male cat and decided to hump him to show who's boss).
She's been an absolute perfect addition. I received the puppy packet last saturday and Dakota is now registered with the AKC. Oh! We are starting to work on basic commands here at the house and she starts her basic training classes when she turns 12 wks old.
I hope all her littermates are doing just as well. I'll keep you posted.  Melissa
PS - The pictures with the bandana are her at 9 weeks old and all others are her today. We have ears for the first time today! It was cute to see her with her ears up for the first time.
New As of April 24th, 2008

Quigley Lytle vom Klatolklin

SOLD to Neil, Shirley & Boys of Virginia for SchH Sport & Family Protection Dog.

This puppy continues to amaze us daily!
Yesterday while he was out in the yard on the 20' leash, he started looking in to the little drainage culvert that runs underneath our driveway.   Shirley encouraged him to go in becasue she assumed that he would be afraid of the small, dark, culvert.  She turned away for a second and Asco ran inside all the way under the driveway...and then proceeded to lay down in there an not want to come out!  We finally went around to the other side and called him out the other end! 
Attached are pictures of him (with dirty nose) in the culvert. 
Now the problem is when he sees that culvert he wants to get in there again!  Last night he started heading for a longer culvert that goes under a side-street next to our house... that one is twice as long!
Hope  your're having a great day!  Neil

 April 15th, 2008

The pictures should tell you how he's doing...
However we continue to be impressed with his temperment. Very well mannered and settled. We almost don't need the baby gates that we bought.  Asco follows Shirley around and seems to be content to stay in the general vicinity of her and play or simply sleep.  No issues with house-training.
The vacuum cleaner didn't even phase him.  He perked his ears up and watched it.  Now the broom, that's another story... take two swipes at the floor with the broom and he attacks that thing with tail wagging!
We took him to the vet today for a checkup as per the agreement. Shirley can send you the results.   Neil 
Shaun, We just got back home!  The family voted and decided to call Quigley "Asco" in honor of our GSD "Max" who we recently put down... Asco was his given name.
What a beautiful pup!  I am amazed at how settled he was/is.  At the airport when we took him out of his crate, he was alert and not at all shy to explore his surroundings and get a good lick or nibble in on all of us.  We had a stuffed squirrel toy that we drug in front of him and he attacked it.  Bit into that thing with a full mouth, shoook it then stood on it trying to rip it apart. Then he figured that he'd hump it for good measure.  LOL    Definately not a timid dog. 
We couldnt' bear to leave him in his crate all the way home so we made an exception today and let him out.  He was GREAT in the van on the highway...contentedly biting on a rag or just laying on the bench seat in back between the boys.   Shirley put him in her lap...and I'm happy to say, he might just be a momma's boy.  He licked her face and then just layed there for the longest tim while she stroked his side and talked to him. 
The boys are out in the yard with him now... Shirley said, "What a great dog" because they were laying in the grass and Asco was sitting there between them watching everything.
Thank you for including the food. I was going to ask you about that, but forgot. You took care of it anyway.  It will make it easier to transition him to the raw diet that we will be feeding him.
We will keep you posted and send pics... I need to get off of this computer and watch the dog!
We'll keep you posted!   Neil
Thank you Neil and Family for the Updates!!
New As of April 15th, 2008
Quemada Lytle vom Klatolklin 

SOLD to  Brian & Nicole from Fairbanks, AK For SchH/Family Protection Dog

Here are some pictures of Aiden playing with Quemada, "Ali". He loves tugging with her! It wears both of them out! Kasey, our other GS, has slowed warmed up to her. At first he wasn't too sure, but now they snuggle in the dog house outside, and he lets her climb all over him. As soon as some of the snow melts up here we will send you some outside pics. In some spots the snow goes up to Ali's chest. I didn't get any pictures of Brian with the sleeve, only video. I will make you a CD of the videos and mail it off for you.  Thanks again, Nicole

Hello Brigitte & Shaun,   Ali, "purple girl", is doing great! We couldn't have gotten a better dog! When we weren't making pit stops she slept really nicely in her kennel without wimpering.
When we got home and introduced her to Kasey she ran right up to him smelled him and started chasing him around. She isn't scared of anything. Her personality is starting to come out as she is getting more use to us. Aiden has learned very quickley to keep his toys picked up or she will get them, which works great to my benefit. When she plays, she plays hard and loves to
chew on everything. Aiden and I are going to go get her more chew toys today. The vet said that she is in perfect health and that the hernia felt as if it was back in, but will continue to check her as she continues to get her shot updates. We got more snow dumped on us this morning, another couple of inches, we are glad we made it back ok to Fairbanks before it hit.  
Thanks again for such a great dog!
Nicole, Brian, and Aiden
Thank you,  Nicole & Family For the updates!

New As of Feb. 21, 2008
HI,  Dakota slept nicely in his kennel, has already shown good house manners, and doesn't chase the cat. He seems to be bonding already to me. He's cautious of Hemi but doesn't seem afraid.
Hemi is being a bit obnoxious. She takes away her toys and hides them. She also plays a bit roughly but I really watch her and seperate them. She is better today than last night.
I think it wont be long till he's big enough to play with her...he's already trying to.
He's great, thanks again for a wonderful dog.
Our first pictures. They are doing great now together. They have played tug of war, which Dakota won by laying down.
New As of Feb. 19, 2008
Hawk Lytle vom Klatolklin
My husband has been the one working with him the most,  and he is a really smart dog, who learns incredibly quickly.  He is  too much of a handful for the kids, even the 10-year-olds, because he 
is just so strong!

Here are a few shots - thought I had more, but they might be on  another camera.  This will give you some idea, though!  He is just 
New As of Feb. 19, 2008
Northway Lytle vom Klatolklin
Hello Brigitte & Shaun:
Thanks for the email. All is well with family, dogs & cats.
Bruno is coming along well. We backed off on the training a little and have been spending a little more time just playing and having fun (bonding). He does know the basics, just don't want to push to hard. He still comes to work with me every day so we do get to spend alot of time together.
Here are a few very recent pictures (1 w/ our youngest 21 month old daughter Magdalena). As you can see he is growing (about 46 lbs now) and is a beautiful dog. He is smart and is as well behaved as a 5 month old puppy can be. He is a tuff dog (all dog as we say). Losing teeth & bloody gums while playing tug but he does not want to stop.
I hope that you are all well and not going stir crazy. I know we are happy the days are getting longer here so I can imagine how you must feel.
The Regenauers,
Andy, Martina, Hana, Katarina & Magdalena. 
New As of Feb. 16, 2008
AKA: Liska

 Liska is working in Canada for SAR/Schutzhund!

Liska is doing fantastic. She is an amazing pup. I couldn't be happier with her. We have been doing some group things and temperment things. Everyone is just amazed with her. I have some videos of that as well if I can get them sent off. In the mean time, I will continue to get pics and videos so you can also see her progress.
She also has a great personality. I would like to get a male from you in the future.
Thanks, Jackie
New As of Feb. 2, 2008

Huslia Lytle vom Klatolklin (Hemi)

HI guys,  Dropping in to give you more pictures of Hemi (out of H litter). She is doing great! This is the smartest, calmest dog I've ever known. There's been lots of new people and construction noises recently and she took it all in stride. Each person was appropriately greeted by deep barks but as soon as I told her 'enough, out' ,she'd sniff each person and then just kept her eyes on them. The loud saws, hammering, drilling and what not brought about scarcely a glance. Mike was very impressed. When I picked him up at the airport, he went right up to the truck. Hemi watched him quietly until he started to open the door. Luckily he's a strong guy...she launched herself at the door in full barking mode. As soon as she saw me and I told her it was ok she let him in the truck. During the drive home she kept sniffing him. About 10 minutes into the drive she suddenly started wiggling and 'snuffling' (her happy noise). I guess she remembered him. She only had known him briefly as a young puppy but from the way she was acting she clearly remembered. At home they quickly became close. She would get between my husband and I every chance she could...he was hers! Boy, was she confused when he left again. She searched all the rooms where she could usually find him. For a couple days she seemed sad, didn't eat much, completely ignored the cat (which shows how effected she was). Now though she's back up to her zaniness. We're purchasing another puppy from the P litter to be her companion and mine. These truly are great dogs you have! Oh yes, by the way,
no Hemi isn't drinking coffee...just water.
Chrissy Volker

New As of Jan. 15, 2008
K9 Micah
Hi Shaun & Brigitte, Here are a few pics and vids of Micah("M" litter) imprinting her narcotics training on a Tractor Trailer.  She is a top prospect for duel purpose work. Her drives are very extreme for bite and ball work. Her teething is in full swing, so her bite work will be at a stand still.  But will start tracking this week. What an awsome dog that you all have produced at your facility. You are producing extreme working service dogs. We can not ask for anything better.  Thanks again, J.R.    
 P.S. My partner Jaime(Apollo-Jackpot ) can't wait for a Zeppe & Ema male pup. If these pups are anything like Apollo and Micah, we will have are hands full, which is a good thing. Jaime & Apollos Certified Narcotics intructor has never certified a dog younger than a year old. This will be his first K9 team to be certified at such a young age. Apollo will be 7 to 8 months of age when he gets certified. We will no longer be looking any where else other than Shaun & Brigitte's kennel.
(To See more of Apollo Scroll down or Click here)
Micah working at 4.5 Months

Kasilof & Kashunuk Lytle vom Klatolklin

Owned by Jason and Family of NC

Hello Shaun and Brigitte,

Pups are doing great.  I could not ask for more, I got what I ordered.  Thank you very much, Jason 

5 Months
New As of Nov. 22, 2007

Huslia Lytle vom Klatolklin (Hemi)

Hi guys, Hemi is doing great! She is a super companion. I am having a blast with her, training her to be tri-lingual: English, German and hand signs. She has quite a sense of humor too. She does many things just to make me laugh. Thanks for the best dog I've ever had! I hope next summer we can visit and possibly train a little with you.
Hemi is out of Inka/Zeppe
As you can see, she's a real ham, loves having pictures taken. "Pretty girl and New Chair owner" our most up to date pix of the Heminator....or MayHem...or the beast (depends on how she is acting). I've decided she'll make a nice throw rug. (She's so smart and sweet but she loves to POKE me awake with that freezing cold wet nose on weekends...LOL).
Have a great holiday.

New As of Nov. 21, 2007

Iditarod Lytle vom Klatolklin (Gunnar)

Gunnar is doing really well.  He's 76 pounds now!  He's having a great time, enjoying his puppyhood and wrestles with his sister (our other german shepherd) on a daily basis.  His bitework is coming along nicely, and his obedience.  However, we're keeping the training light at this stage...don't want to push him too hard right now.  His will to fight is amazing...he's been trying to whoop on our adult german shepherd since he was 9 weeks old, and hasn't stopped since! Fortunately, she's a very mild tempered adult dog who usually lets him have his way.  Well, he's quickly becoming her match in the strength
and size department, as you can see in the picture (he's on the left).  He's got excellent protective instincts as well, and alerts whenever there are perceived intruders near the house.  Very courageous, yet a very sweet pup.  He's still not too aware of his size and strength, as he tends to plow through things to get to where he wants to go!  He's quite the little warrior, and we've got some high hopes for him.
New As of Nov. 20th 2007
Hey Guys, Here are a few videos and pics of Apollo(Jackpot) at 4 months searching for his Kong ball. Imprinting his narcotic work. He has great hunt drive and won't quit.. His bite work is at a stand still due to his teething. Although he gets rag work with no bite. And boy, does he bark up a storm...His narcotic sent work will begin at 6-7 months of age. Thanks again for a great K9.
Hey Guys, Here are a couple of videos of Apollo(Jackpot) working on detail scent work with a kong. This is what we asked for from Shaun Lytle and look at this 4 month old pup doing an awsome job.  Thanks again for a great K9.

SOLD - Male - Jaime - TX - Police Work

New As of Nov. 20th 2007

Jacknife Lytle vom Klatolklin

He's doing good... super smart, very easy to train. He's got a excellent recall, the only time he won't respond is if he's chasing a bunny. Otherwise, he comes running over. Although I don't really have anything to compare him with, he seems to have lots of prey drive- he certainly loves playing tug of war, and when he's got a good grip he hangs on like an alligator. If I tie him to something first he'll nearly choke himself trying to get at the tug.
Thanks for the pup! I'm joining a schutzhund club within the next few months, I will let you know how that goes.

New As of Nov. 19, 2007

Latouche Lytle vom Klatolklin (Ali)

Hello, The vet visit went well, he said we had ourselves a healthy pup. I didn't have any doubts. She is a happy and energetic little girl.

New As of Nov. 19, 2007

Juneau Lytle vom Klatolklin

Hi Shaun,  The boy is doing great,he's really big for 4 and half
months old,he's the best dog I've ever owned.Everyone
at the club love him,ton of drives,very calm when not
working.The club name is Willamette Valley Schutzhund
Club in Canby.  We trained two times a week.Here is some of his recent pictures.

Thanks again Shaun for a wonderful dog.

Regards,  Minh


NEW As of Nov. 18, 2007

 Isabel Lytle vom Klatolklin (Ivanka)

Ivanka is the perfect dog. She is very intelligent; very loving; protective; she and Kaiser get along very well; they love each other. She is big [see some pics attached] but at the same time she is super fast. I take Ivanka to the dog park like 4 or 5 days a week and I can see how fast she is when chasing other dogs. She is very well socialized. I have been teaching her the basics: to sit, down, stay and the like. She is also a fast learner. I am so happy that I bought Ivanka from you guys. She is the best of all the German Shepherds I have had in my life.

Best regards,

Ernesto Elizondo.


New as of July 8th, 2007
Brigitte,  Thank you for all the support with Elle.  She is a fantastic dog.  We took her fishing and camping with us at the begining of the month and she did great.  Stayed by us the whole time and loved the water.  She is so different from owning rotts.  She learns quicker and is much faster to train.  She is wonderful with the children, and cleans up the baby pretty good also.  The only thing I should have done is gotten a German Shepherd sooner.  Thank you.
Betty Jean Herbert

As of May 1st, 2007


March 20, 2007

"I had been wanting a German Shepherd Puppy for many years. When I approached Brigitte and Shaun through their website, they listened to my circumstances and helped me chose the best pup for my situation.

"Dalton is now an important member of our family: myself and my six children. He's exactly what we needed him to be. It's wonderful when a breeder cares enough about their pups to make sure they get placed properly, not just sold as a product."

Take care,
Tim & Kids




March 17, 2007

We wanted to say "Thank you" to Brigitte and Shaun for this great puppy. Not only is he a sweet heart but has all the working traits that we wanted. To be honest, I was looking at other kennels and dogs before I found Brigitte and Shaun. Let me tell you I am so glad I came across their web site when I did. I paid less then I would on the other puppy and still have everything I was looking for! Gator is a total package dog and we can not wait until we can really start his training. Thanks Again! We will keep the pictures coming of this guy.

Barbara Earnhardt Of North Carolina


Jan. 15, 2008

Brigitte & Shaun,

 Elmo is doing great. He is so smart it amazes me. Here are a couple of pictures taken 1/12/08 with Elmo and my son Toby.

I’ll try and get better pics and send to you soon. Larry

March 2, 2007

Hello Shaun & Brigitte,

Sorry it’s taken so long to get back, but I was waiting until I could get some pictures to send. Elmo has been doing great. He is like a little Croc running around biting anything that moves. He has taken to the family very well and loves to play with my son Toby. When I let him in every morning he goes strait to his room and bites him until he gets up. He has tremendous food drive and will do anything for a treat.

I got his AKC papers and have sent them off. Thanks for everything. You have been a pleasure to do business with and I would recommend your kennel to anyone wanting a GSD puppy. I will keep sending pictures as Elmo grows up and progresses in his training.

Thanks, Larry Roach of Mississippi



Bruno Lytle vom Klatolklin

Liz and I have been extremely happy working with Shaun and Brigitte. From the beginning, they demonstrated a high level of concern for the welfare of the pups. Since buying our pup, Bruno, we have been working with them through Hundesport Alaska, and they have been very supportive of our training efforts. This is our first experience with a "working dog," but Shaun and Brigitte have been readily available to help us, including away from the Schutzhund field. What really sold us on buying a pup from Shaun and Brigitte was watching the way they, and their young daughter, handled dogs during training.

Liz and I have been looking for a good German Shepherd for several years. Either we weren't impressed with the dogs, or we weren't impressed by the breeders. When we met Brigitte and Shaun, watched their adult dogs work, and then met the pups, everything fell together very comfortably. That has not changed in the nearly two months that we have owned Bruno and worked with Shaun and Brigitte during the early stages of his training.

Bruno is confident, healthy, and intelligent. We receive nothing but compliments on his appearance and behavior. We plan to train him in Schutzhund, but we were primarily looking for a member of the family, which he immediately became. We've had no behavior issues, he is housebreaking without problems, he is very good with people, and he is taking to Schutzhund training very well. Bruno handles distractions like noisy traffic without concern. Even our cats are warming up to him, although he is still a little high-energy for them. We can say nothing but good about the pup.

Please feel free to ask more questions. Pictures of Bruno attached.

 Dave & Liz Guinn 





I, Susan Thirlwell have known Brigitte and Shaun Lytle since September, 2003. I met these delightful dog handlers while attending a trail put on by the Hundesport Schutzhund Club, in Anchorage, Alaska.

We drove from Whitehorse, Yukon to attend our first Schutzhund trail. During our time in Anchorage, we were taken into Brigitte's parent's home (Kathy and Larry) and treated wonderfully, at which time we met Brigitte, Shaun and their young family.

The next year, we again decided to attend the Hundesport Schutzhund trail. This time we were welcomed into Brigitte and Shaun's home. We had a lovely stay at this young couple's home and were treated like family. They went out of their way to ensure we were comfortable and had everything we could possibly need.

And last year, we drove to Anchorage, once again, to attend the Hundesport Schutzhund trials and stayed with Brigitte and Shaun, and were treated supurbly and had a wonderful stay.

This young couple are truly devoted to their family and dog business as well as committed to their friends. During our time spent with the Lytles we were always made to feel welcome and treated with warmth and respect. This busy couple took time out of their hectic schedules to ensure we were familiar with the surrounding area (tracking fields and trail fields) as well as answer our questions and assist us in training and other dog related issues.

Brigitte and Shaun bring many years of dog handling and expertize into their new business. Both have worked with many different breeds as well as many different temperaments of dogs.

I would be pleased to be contacted to verify the above documentation as true.

Susan L. Thirlwell


Hello my name is Betty Herbert and I have known Brigitte for 15+ years. I want to give you some background about her. My mother was diagnosed with colon cancer in 97, this is right after out house burned down in a wild land fire in 96. Brigitte was there for my sisters and me. She was a shoulder to cry on, a caring person who found a way to comfort us, who wanted to do anything she could to help. It did not matter if it was cleaning to just sitting down and talking to us. She was there. Our only true friend who stuck by our sides through thick and thin.

We lost touch after Brigitte moved to Anchorage, but found one another after a couple of years. By then Brigitte had married Shaun and had their two children, Destiny and Shaun Michael. I had gotten a new rottweiler puppy and wanted to do Schutzhund training. Brigitte was the training coordinator, she worked with me and Jasper the rottie pup, now Jasper is a year old and doing very well in training. She and Shaun had given me training tips to make Jasper a stronger dog. He is doing very well and is a great pup. He is very obedient and wanting to track if he sees me up early in the am. I can not pull out the hotdogs without Jasper sniffing them out and wanting to go tracking. I remember when Brigitte and I would get up at 5 am just to go tracking, and then we would go to her house and do some obedience training.

There was a time when my older rottie Meshea, was attacked by a stray dog, Brigitte was attending a seminar with Joel Monroe, and afterwards she stopped by the house to see if there was anything wrong with Meshea past what my eyes were seeing. I just thought that it was really nice of her to stop by after having a very busy day and being really tired, just to sooth my worries about Meshea. Then there was another time Jasper was getting his adult K9 teeth and I was worried because his puppy teeth were still in behind the adult teeth. I took pictures and emailed them to her. Everything turned out well, but she was there to tell me not to worry. I could go on and on about the endless times that I called her in the middle of the night just to ask her a question.

She is very knowledgeable about dogs of all breeds. She has allot to give and has a great, caring personality. If I had a question about my dogs I would call Brigitte and Shaun. I do not go to anyone else to train. I would have to say that if my dogs are slacking in any way it is not because they told me how to do it wrong, but I do not do it enough.

Thank you Brigitte and Shaun,

From the Herberts

Fred, Betty, Kathryn, Meshea, Jasper and Miko


Reefer Tracking 10-22-05

Dear Brigitte and Shaun:

My wife and I wanted to say thank you so much for all the wonderful work the two of you are doing with our Reefer dog, a 10 month old Belgian Malinois. Reefer has been with you now for almost two months and we must say what a remarkable difference your professional and structured training program has been. We are working on attaining her BH at the present time so we can then go on to obtain her Sch. titles.

They have worked with her in all areas thus far including but not limited to obedience, bite work, tracking as well as retrieving.  As far as dogs go, she is the most intelligent dog we have ever had the pleasure to own.  We believe most if not all of this claim is directly the result of the excellent training she has received. I would recommend Brigitte and Shaun to anyone who seriously wants their dog to perform to the highest level of expertise possible.

Our dog is well mannered and a joy to be around. She loves children and is extremely even tempered including around other animals. Thank you so much for all your continued help now and in the future.
Should anyone have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: 907-274-9696 or or

Sincerely yours,

Lance and Tammy Wells and family

Shaun working Reefer in OBD.

Mark and I have known Brigitte and Shaun for over 6 years from 2000.  They are very good trainers and have an incredible talent for reading dogs.  My husband and I have watched them train on numerous occasions and find them to be correct and conscientious handlers.  They are very clear and fair with their dogs.  From that clarity, comes great training and learning for the dogs.
Ann Marie and Mark Chaffin

Mark Worked with Shaun for Him to become a Helper.
Thank you Mark!!

Shaun and Brigitte,
Few times in my 20+ years in various dog activities have I witnessed a couple so devoted to a sport.  It is obvious that you both love what you do and I wish you the best of luck with your new business.  Thank you for the training advice, it has always been sound and very helpful. 

I have trained dogs with Shaun and Brigitte for over 10 years. When I injured my knee in 2003 and was unable to train, I felt confident in handing my leash over to Shaun to continue my dogs obedience program. Shaun has the ability to listen to a handler and work the dogs in the trainers individual style, last summer I drove to Palmer 2 days a week in preparation for my Rottweiler’s BST, after a couple of weeks the dog was ready and successfully passed and titled with no problem. This summer when preparing my rottweiler for schutzhund 1 tracking, I again took the time to train with Shaun for trial preparation, my dog passed tracking with an impressive score of 95, in his first tracking trial. Only to be out scored my Shaun and his rottweiler who received an excellent score of 97. Also this summer I had some behavior problems in both tracking (hectic & fast) and obedience (chewing and playing with the dumbbell) with my Doberman (Raven). I had failed tracking last year due to the dog tracking to fast and missing both articles on the track. I had Brigitte take the dog and work with him privately at their kennel on focus and retrieves, and also to work on tracking. Brigitte had done such an impressive job, that I asked her to handle Raven in Hundesport Alaska’s schutzhund trial. Brigitte & Raven received a Sch H 1, by passing all three phases in their first trial.

My husband (Larry) and I travel out of the country to vacation every winter, and are able to leave our dogs in Shaun & Brigitte’s care with peace of mind, that they will be given excellent care and attention. Larry

purchased a German Shepherd puppy this summer (Electra) from a breeding of Brigitte’s male German Shepherd Austin. Electra is the love of Larry’s life, and it will be hard to leave her behind when we go to Mexico, but we know her well being is in excellent hands with Shaun & Brigitte.

Kathy & Larry Carmen - Vom Carmen-Haus

Mephistopheles Devil’s Charm SchH1, TR1, BST, BH, TC, CGC

Raven’s Shadow Vom Carmen-Haus SchH1, AD, BH, TC, CGC

Schatzie Vom Carmen-Haus (puppy)

Electra Vom Haus-Brinke (puppy)


2005 Ann Marie Trial.
Kathy & Meph Sch I, Ann Marie, Chris & Valfodr BH, Brigitte & Raven Sch I, Shaun & Austin Sch I

We have been associated with Brigitte and Shaun for a few years now and always have known them to be connected to the dog world.  They have participated every trial and seminar available to us in Alaska and have done well to further their education with K9 training.  Brigitte and Shaun exhibit excellent knowledge of dog temperament and understand drives and threshold which is paramount to understanding the K9.  We wish them well in their new endeavor. 
Ginger and Hans Brinke
Also members of Schutzhund USA

Dear Brigitte and Shaun Lytle,

 I want to personally Thank You for your help with my German Shepherd Dog, Nike.  This is our story:

 When I got Nike at 9 weeks old, she was a shy and aloof puppy. I had bought Nike as a Show dog prospect with many aspirations to show her in the AKC show ring. By the time Nike was a year old she had been through 2 puppy classes for socialization.  Her behavior would improve during the class period of 6 weeks.  After the class was complete she would quickly regress back to her old ways shy and nervous. 

Nike went from shy and aloof puppy to a defensive and aggressive dog.  When Nike was in her second year with us.  I had my second child, Wyatt.  Anxious to have Nike around the baby we put Nike in another Obedience Class.  She had only acted aggressive towards strangers and people we didn’t first introduce to her.  She did well again during the class and then regressed to a worse state afterward.  She stopped giving clear signals that she was going to be aggressive. It was at this time, I had given up on the dream to show Nike at a dog show.  She would snarl at the judge in a Show and Go. (Practice show)  In a separate incident she growled at a prospective handler.  The handler informed me that Nike was not show material.

Early fall of 2004, Nike was 2 years old.  Nike snapped at Wyatt for crawling on her back.  She left a pinprick mark on his forehead.  After the incident Nike was then restricted to the garage and outdoor run for the most part.  The house was also sectioned off with Nike on one-side kids on the other, (With constant supervising).  6 months went by with no incident, Nike was accepting of the children and even started to enjoy a new squeaky toy I had bought.  January 2005, Ashley pretending to be a dog crawled by Nike.  Nike had the squeaky toy, with no obvious warning Nike snapped at Ashley.  Ashley was visibly shaken and said Nike had gone for her face.  Ashley is five years old. 

I called German Shepherd Rescue they said to put Nike down.  I called the breeder and offered to pay to send her back.  (I had paid $1,000 dollars for Nike as a Show prospect)  She said she had no time or room for the animal and to put her down.  I called my Veterinarian; She explained to me that because no skin was broken in either case, I would have to sign a form stating a bite didn’t happen.  She also said from a legal standpoint the dog should be put down.   

  /// This above paragraph is pure fact.  It does not state that Nike loved to be petted, had brown eyes, was quiet and loved to be with us.  Often she was called the melting shepherd because she would slide down my leg into a puddle on the floor for a tummy scratch.  It also doesn’t show all the fun times my daughter had with Nike, playing, teaching her tricks and involving her in many childhood games. The above-mentioned incidences occurred out of place for the day to day. ///

I had then made the appointment to have Nike put down.  I was on my way to town when a member of the German Shepherd Club contacted me.  I had joined the club when I first got Nike some two and a half years earlier.  He is a professional man and very knowledgeable.  He explained to me that there was a local Schutzhund club that could work with my shepherd and me.   They had a lot of experience with aggressive dogs and knew a lot about animal behavior.   He asked me to post-pone the appointment and let them do an evaluation on my dog.   I had been crying for about two days by now.  Emotionally exhausted, I looked at this opportunity for Nike as nothing to lose. 

My only understanding of Schutzhund was of dogs  (mean dogs) biting people. 

I was very skeptical driving up to see Mrs. Lytle.  How can training an aggressive/nervous dog in an Schutzhund environment make anything better??? I figured I would hear her out and that was it.   We talked for about 2 hours; Brigitte Lytle was very kind and understanding of how I felt about my dog.   She did a temperament test with Nike having her meet with two other people and several dogs.  She judged her temperament and also gave me a good lesson on the triathlon sport of Schutzhund.  She asked what I wanted from Nike.  I told her that I wanted a family pet. 

I left her house with a borrowed tape of what Schutzhund is and in information packet on Hundesport Alaska a local Schutzhund club.  Nike was to be kept on leash at all times.  I was also given at home instructions-- take away all dog toys in the house. (Quite a chore)  Buy a pinch collar, and strong leather leash.   I was also given Brigitte’s home number to call for any questions that I might have.   The personal experience, I got early on was great and very informative.  She helped me establish trust and understanding of my dog’s behavior.   The Lytle’s also informed me of seminars to attend that helped me; the handler to better read my dog.   This was so much better then a class.   It was one on one and organized around my dog.   They helped me get Nike into a program that was on going.  Nike became a wonderful tracker.  I felt like I had been given a new dog.  The children loved to do things with her.  She was a happier dog and very obedient. 

In August of 2005, at 3 years old Nike entered her first confirmation class.  She took 4th place and the judge even noted that she had a great temperament.  With an offer from a professional handler to show her I was on cloud nine.   Nike was confident and the training was on a level that made me the trainer. 

Thank you, Brigitte and Shaun, and thank you for introducing me to Hundesport.  You gave me an insight into dog behavior that I think few people can understand.   You gave my dog a better life.  You helped me be to understand why dogs do what they do.  You have given me the knowledge to be a responsible dog owner and handler.   It was very much a road of blood, sweat and tears.  I am actually getting a little choked up right now just typing this but sincerely thanks,

 From my family to yours I thank you,

 Sarah Paulus

 "Dogs have given us their absolute all. We are the center of their universe, we are the focus of their love and faith and trust. They serve us in return for scraps. It is without a doubt the best deal man has ever made."

    -Roger Caras

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