Alaska Dog Boarding & Training, Inc. Puppy Guarantee

Alaska Dog Boarding & Training, Inc. German Shepherd Puppy Guarantee
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ADBT/Lytle‘s, Seller(s) guarantees the dog to be healthy and well socialized at the time of purchase. All our dogs receive a written health certificate from a licensed veterinarian prior to being shipped. Lytle’s guarantees the dog to be free from communicable diseases (i.e. distemper, leptospirosis, parvo, etc.) for ten (10) days after the date of purchase. Should the dog contract one of these diseases, the dog may be returned to the seller for a refund or replacement. The buyer must take the dog to a licensed veterinarian and get a written diagnosis that clearly attributes the blame on ADBT.

Male dogs are guaranteed to have both testicles drop by the age of 12 months or we will replace the dog with a dog of equal or greater value as that at the time of purchase or pay for the nuetured by ADBT and no replacement. All puppy ears are guaranteed to stand. If by 5 months the dogs ears are not standing, they must be properly taped for a period of four (4) weeks. You must document the taping procedure so that we know that the taping was done properly. If after the taping the pups ears still will not stand on their own, the dog must be returned and we will replace or refund the cost of the dog. If the dogs ears were up before teething began, the pups ears should go back up after the teething is done.

The seller guarantees the dog to be free from genetic defects until two (2) years of age. Any dog with a genetic defect must be spayed or nuetured and written proof sent to the seller who will send a new dog of equal or greater value as that at the time of purchase. 

ADBT guarantees the hips to pass OFA certification with a fair or better rating. An SV "a" stamp is also considered acceptable as is a PENNhip certificate. If the dog fails to OFA, "a" stamp or PENNhip certify we will give you another dog of equal or greater value as that of the dog when it was purchased. This certification process must start when the dog is no older than 24 to 26 months of age or at 1 year for an "a" stamp. PENNhip allows the dogs to get certified hips as early as 6 months of age.

If your dog fails to certify, we do not require you to return your dog. We do require that you spay or nuetured the dog and provide us with written proof from a licensed veterinarian. ADBT reserves the right to have additional x-rays taken by a vet of our choice to try to get a better rating. ADBT also guarantees the dog to pass OFA certified elbows-clear. If the dog does not pass this certification the dog will be replace according to the same replacement as described under the hip guarantee.

It is the responsibility of the buyer to maintain the health of the dog. It should be kept lean and be fed a premium dog food. The dog should receive regular checkups from a licensed veterinarian. The dog should not be abused in any way or this guarantee is void.
When the dog is young (under 10 months of age) it should not be exercised by running it long distances. At no time should the dog jump before this age. The buyer should also be aware that stairs are not good on a young dogs joints and should avoid them when possible. The buyer should notify the seller of any health related problems or concerns immediately. Seller also recommends the buyer have a preliminary hip and elbow x-rays done at one year of age so that we may forsee any potential problems. Buyer should keep a written health record for the dog and the vet should note the weight and condition of the animal at all examinations. Should the dog be bred before OFA certification of hips and elbows is complete, this guarantee is void

ADBT requires the above in order to insure that we are responsible if a health problem should arise. Because of availability of dogs for replacement, we reserve the right to replace or refund a dog that is covered under this guarantee.

Buyer is responsible for all transportation cost. This limited guarantee is between ADBT (Shaun or Brigitte Lytle) and the original buyer of the dog. This guarantee is not transferable to a second party.

There are no additional guarantees, either intended or implied. Please sign, date & return this guarantee and purchase request form to Shaun & Brigitte Lytle  16305 E. Jan Cir. Palmer, AK 99645

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